Anna + Chris | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

Okay you two- you’re in love, I GET IT! All kinds of love, passionate love, puppy love, play and have a good time even on a very dark and cloudy day love. You’re showing the world what it’s like to be best friends on the way to getting married. I am lucky to know you!

Anna is like the BEST person to email with. A lot of my clients present their personalities in their emails and I LOVE it. That’s how I am! Lots of !!!!!!!! and <3 <3 <3 and 🙂 🙂 :)…I want to make sure they know how excited I am! She is no exception, she always makes me feel so happy with the way she comes across in her emails 🙂

I will forever have the memory of us meeting at Panera on a Saturday morning, right before Cammy started cutting those teeth and was in a wild mood- she took my straw out of my mango smoothie and waved it everywhere as we stood and waited for the food to come up. EVERYWHERE. I was so embarrassed, but I am glad that I will always have that memory of Anna going uh ok..let me go get you some napkins. HAHA! I can’t wait until their 2013 wedding!!!!!! 🙂





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