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This is gonna be a BIG one! And not only is it full of lots of girls but they are all so unique, amazing and have their own awesome styles when it comes to photography. They’re also all at very different places in their business and I think that’s something I LOVE when it comes to mentoring! Some girls haven’t even bought their first official camera yet and some are shooting several weddings a year. It’s fun to see where someone is in their business and see what the next steps are to get to the next level! 🙂

So here’s the grand line up!

Marie Guagliardo – one of my beautiful brides from the beginning of my photography career and someone who has been a friend to me since. I adore her! She is a free spirit and as fun as it gets. She’s talented, too! How about that, the WHOLE package?! Her husband JUST returned from deployment so she is one happy camper right now! You can find her work here!

marie-8 marie-22

Alison, oh my sweet Alison! A JOY to be around, so humble and kind. I just love her for wanting to succeed and her will to work so hard to make it happen! She is a mama of a little one too so I wasn’t so embarrassed when she walked into my house and all hell had broken loose…hahah! I just can’t thank her enough for making the drive to come see me! Her work is here!

alison-mentoring-8 alison-mentoring-15

Allison!! (another one, different spelling!!:)) Oh my gosh we could have talked all night. We ALMOST did, haha! She is ambitious! She is going to take all of this info and soak it in and work her butt off to go where she needs to go! I loved talking to her about client experience and how much I value it, how business building is intense but that it CAN be done while building a family too– because poor girl is a newlywed and here I am pushing babies on her already! Ahh! I can’t help it, it’s just in my nature! 🙂 Just kidding..but really, she is wonderful. She’s about to get going on one of the most amazing journeys of her life when she dives into photography head first!!

allison-mentoring-33 allison-mentoring-35

Ashley!!! You will look at her and think she has the kindest expression ever. I LOVE talking to her because I feel like when she’s looking at me she’s just being nice to me, hahah! She’s just THAT adorable! She is all the way from across the country in Washington State and has been living in Virginia for a while, which I feel lucky for 🙂 What a joy! She attended a Q+A and then took it a step further and decided to hang with me. Now she just has to decide..Canon…or Nikon??? 🙂

ashley-mentoring-20  ashley-mentoring-22

Crystal…a new mama! Her little girl is just as perfect and beautiful as she is! Crystal has actually been established for a while and I am so fortunate to have finally been able to meet her and talk shop! I felt like I knew her already via social media and somehow, SOMEhow she is even more beautiful in person than I imagined! And she’s just sweet..which is the best! Crystals work can be found here and make sure you check out her services when you ‘re looking for someone fabulous!
crystal-mentoring-12 crystal-mentoring-22

Audrey worked a LOT this month, between her full time job, mentoring and modeling for me at the workshop– I hope she is taking time to do things she loves and treat herself after all the hard work! On top of everything she already does, she’s a busy little photog shooting weddings and working with mainly couples! And she is TALENTED! I love her use of light and her brightly exposed style!! And..I definitely appreciate the fact that she is willing to email me SNL skits to brighten my day!! 🙂 Her work is here!

 audrey-22 audrey-53

Michelle and I should have met soooo long ago. She and I are very much kindred spirits and found out that we were on the same page in SO many ways! She can totally read people the same way I do, she is SMART and she’s definitely inspired. One very unique thing she has to offer is her adorable creativity when it comes to styling sessions ESPECIALLY her minis! I loved what I saw and those how much I may be needing to call her in the future for my girls and some of her awesome mini setups! Her work can be found here!

michelle-8  michelle-15

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