Ari + Mary Claire | Nags Head Engagements

Mary Claire, Ari and I may have spent a little extra time on our Skype call when we first got to talking about their wedding… and I absolutely LOVED watching how closely they sat together, the way they spoke about their wedding day with a team mentality and told me so much about who they are as a couple and all of the best inside jokes! These two are in for one amazing life together and it shows so clearly through their laughter in these images — because let me tell you, people can look beautiful in their session images but when they’re showing this kind of happiness, it speaks volumes on another level.

When I’m shooting and I feel like my couple is someone who I hang out with on the regular, it makes things so, so easy for me. These two had to endure a reschedule from my car accident and were absolutely SO accommodating and kind and I needed that more than ever! So when we got this glow, this light? I knew it was because it was so deserved. This wedding will be complete with beautiful, inspiring traditions and one heck of a fun group of people supporting the beginning of Ari and Mary Claire’s new life chapter as husband and wife!! I can’t WAIT to hear them say I do!! 🙂

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