Ashleigh + Costa | Corolla Engagements

All the way from Singapore comes this BEAUTIFUL couple! I’m talking like insanely gorgeous inside AND out! They not only look incredible as a pair, but they are kind. So kind, so understanding, such great hearts and I’m lucky for that. I’m grateful! I adore this kind of couple and I’ll make sure they know it, too!

So we planned on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week because Ashleigh’s family visits the Outer Banks for the holiday, and then it POURED. All day. Wednesday forecast? Tons of rain– with no breaks. Together we made the decision together to shoot at 8am on Thanksgiving and wow, really– what a pair of troopers because it was REALLY cold on that beach!! You totally rocked it lovebirds, thank you for your diligence in getting through that part of the shoot!

What we ended up with was probably the most beautiful light I have ever seen on the beach in the morning, golden and gray and soft, such a clean palette that morning in Corolla! Then? A rainbow and a deer jumping out as got crazy!!! LOVED every second of it- thank you two for being amazing and wonderful clients already! Excited for that May wedding!!!! 🙂

Thank you so much to Kerri of The Proper Setting for sending this couple my way! Another vendor referral in my new hometown is something really big for me and I am looking so forward to working with her! 🙂

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