Ashley + Chris | Virginia Beach Oceanfront Wedding

After years and years of dating and so many close friends and family by their side to cheer them on, EVERYONE was so excited to see Ashley + Chris finally tie the knot on a sunny, happy and breezy day at the Virginia Beach oceanfront! Over the wedding planning process, Ashley’s mom Deborah has talked about all of the fun beach themed details and personalization that would go into this day! From the incredible ice sculpture to the tropical bouquets and cake to the sweet slideshow she worked so hard on..everything represented the couple perfectly as individuals and as a unit!

Chris was so emotional as Ashley made her way toward him, and my favorite thing happened, he started to really tear up. The moment that was years in the making was here right in front of him and as her unbelievably sweet and endearing daddy walked her down that aisle, a ceremony full of laughs and happiness began. The night was kept warm with a beautiful fire pit and the setting at the Oceanaire was SO perfect for their beachy theme! I LOVED the extra little portraits we go to take downstairs too with the amazing lights in the valet area! This venue is SUCH a gem!

Ashley + Chris are on their honeymoon now living it up, but I am so excited to share their wedding with you!!! What a beautiful day all around!!!!!!!!


Thank you to the following vendors for their hard work and contribution!
Karen | MainStream Events + PR 
Cake Delights - Jessica Steadman
Blue Steel Lighting
Ice Art
Distinctive Floral Designs - Catherine Gustafson (bouquets and corsages)
Waterford Event Rentals - chair covers and ties
Play It Again DJ's
Norfolk Wholesale Florist (arch rental)
Oceanaire Resort Hotel 

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