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Well, I knew she loved it when last year as half a year old she’d SIGH so heavily at the sight of the ocean. The second the breeze hit those perfect cheeks and those ham rolls she was in baby’s paradise. Then, she ate some sand, and I was overwhelmed with balancing new baby and work (which will never be a problem again thanks to my awesome workflow being blogged in the near future!) and we decided to wait until this summer to take her again.

We’ve been THREE times in the past three days because she is obsessed and in love with this so much and it’s been an amazing peaceful experience for the both of us. We stay at the beach usually for around 2 hours a day and enjoy every second of it. She’s been picking up “sheshells” and putting them in her “bah-kit” and running to the cold but refreshing “oceans” every second she gets. She has NO FEAR of the water at all, which is fine, because mama always has an eye on her 🙂 I love her little bravery.

We decided to throw on her beautiful vintage H&M dress that still fits her because she’s a peanut and get some shots on this off and on cloudy day and get some pretty shots 🙂 She had a blast as usual, so I rewarded her with Krispy Kreme donuts after haha!


All images were shot at 1.2 and I think a couple at 1.6, but mostly 1.2 🙂 With the 85mm L II !!!!!! 🙂 + Mark III

SB9A0015 SB9A0020 SB9A0023 SB9A0032 SB9A0034 SB9A0036 SB9A0039 SB9A0040 SB9A0043 SB9A0044 SB9A0048 SB9A0053 SB9A0055 SB9A0057 SB9A0063 SB9A0070 SB9A0071 SB9A0072 SB9A0075 SB9A0079 SB9A0082 SB9A0085 SB9A0089 SB9A0090 SB9A0092 SB9A0095 SB9A0105 SB9A0108 SB9A0111 SB9A0112 SB9A0113 SB9A0115 SB9A0119

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  1. I can’t wait for an opportunity to do this with my own little love! Favorite Cammy pictures ever!!! 🙂

  2. Alyson Brackin says:

    she is absolutely stunning.

  3. Annamarie says:

    Oh my goodness I just want to hold her!! She is the cutest baby in the world.

  4. gdog says:

    Beautiful pictures of a boosiful baby thanks

  5. She is darling, Amanda!

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