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So, I kind of accidentally promised yesterday I was blogging the workshop today. I didn’t realize that in order to have it featured where I want it, I won’t be able to do that until it’s *HOPEFULLY* accepted to be published! So I’m really sorry..but this is just going to be a behind the scenes post and little review of what we did that day..but I promise, gorgeous images WILL be coming sooner than later! 🙂 It was TRULY amazing and I still can’t believe the end result! 🙂

I love working with Hannah Hildebrandt, let me start out on that note. There is nothing like going to shoot a wedding and having someone who has not only taken the brides vision and theme and brought it to life through other vendors but keeps the wedding day flowing at a great pace and keeps everything on schedule. Talk about a HUGE de-stresser for a bride! I love Hannah and hope so much she is making an appearance at some of my weddings next year!!!

The Lesner Inn which is one of my FAVE venues was gracious enough to allow us to host there. Thank you gals! 🙂 I remember not too long ago there I was waiting tables at Bubba’s looking up at the photographers and wedding guests on top deck of the Lesner thinking, one day..I’ll be doing something bigger. Now I am 🙂

So for this workshop, we had 12 incredibly beautiful inside and out ladies attend who had the task of rotating between four stations. Some stations were more detailed than others but 30 minutes per station was alotted to give them PLENTY of time to shoot everything they needed! One station was a simple Macro shot station with two wedding rings, the next a stationary station with an invite and RSVP card. The third, a fully decked out dessert station set INDOORS with natural backlighting, a little of a challenge they seemed to rock out! And finally, our bridal/table-scape station outside on the deck which we began with backlit because of the bright sun and then flipped around to shoot with the cloud covering the sun. Annamarie Akins, a Richmond photographer was incredible enough to be our gorgeous model!

There were Macro details, food details, stationary, florals, linens, a bridal gown, professional hair and makeup and SO many elements to this shoot to give the attendees plenty of ways to learn how to shoot for vendors and their brides. So many details!!!!!! 🙂 Everyone got to shoot in groups of three to keep it minimal and there were people with all levels of experience present, it was a beautiful mix!

After the Lesner, we came back to my home in Virginia Beach and had Olive Garden catered dinner, Izze sodas and Apple Cider from Harris Teeter that I still can’t decide whether or not I liked, haha…but I KNOW one thing is for sure, I loved the company. I am so grateful that every girl who attended did because every single one of them was a joy! We had a mini Q+A afterwards and talked about everything!!! Cammy showed off a little, too- of course!

Mariah, thank you dearly for assisting! You were more help than I ever expected and I am so grateful!

The vendors who participated are listed here, and some behind the scenes images are posted to hold us over until the real ones are allowed to be shown!:

Lesner Inn –
Blushing Brides VA –
Palette of Petals –
Hannah Hildebrandt Events –
Waterford Event Rentals, LLC –
PaperDolls Design –
Sweet Temptations Dessert Cafe –
Maya Couture –
Model: Annamarie Akins

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And then the cell phone pics 🙂

photo-4 (2) photo-5 (2) photo-6 (2) photo-7 (2) photo-8 (2)

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    Looks like it was wonderful! I love the Lesner! Can’t wait to see more pictures!

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