Behind The Scenes Video: Opera House Wedding Edition | Photography

When I post these– let me just say off the bat that it makes me slightly embarrassed to put videos of myself working out there for the world to see because I am so deeply in work mode during the course of a wedding day that I step back, watch these and go WOW, is that really me!? Look at me go hahaha! I love it so much, it’s where my heart belongs and being so emotionally invested and work driven during these days is EVERYTHING to me! I can’t thank Meghan Ippoliti enough once again for being so amazing and shooting behind the scenes while helping me every step of the way for this wedding!

I post these for a couple of reasons. This year, one of my brides booked me based on one of these posts I had done previously! I thought that must be THE coolest thing I’ve accidentally done for myself..and I had no idea that it would be anything more than just showing how ridiculous I am and how crazy I look while working..but she loved seeing the video of what things looked like around us and how I ended up making them look in a final image! I also post these because they’re funny and it scares me to put myself out there, so it’s a challenge. And’s something I do for photographers, too! I love sharing behind the scenes so they can see the dynamic of a wedding day or session and how we’re pulling things together during all the chaos!

Brittney and Malcolm had this incredible day and if you want to see their entire day– it’s posted HERE! Enjoy these videos!!! 🙂

Getting bridesmaid candids and details! They were so gorgeous and I know I needed to highlight their “look” for the wedding day because I had just enough time to before the official portraits started!! 🙂


Full bridal party shot..and can we talk about how adorable and GOOD the ring bearer and flower girl are!? Getting the standard everyone look at me and smile and then shouting “they’re married!” got just the right natural smile to be cracked..followed by an instruction to look at them!! 🙂 Loved this group so much!!!


So, Brittney + Malcolm are one of the most naturally moving couples together so this is almost unfair to post…because I hardly have to do ANY real instructing but basically, I just wanted them in tight and they do NOT have a problem with that! The more than love each other and being around each other and it shows!!! They make everything look good…see?? 🙂

 3M9B0402 3M9B0405

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  1. You are always so adorably fun to watch!!!! <3

  2. Amanda says:

    I love these – and those sparkle flats 😉

  3. Ryan Moser says:

    Love the behind the scenes footage! Beautiful photos!!

  4. Gabby says:

    Your amazing! So cool to see a moment that seemed so imperfect and casual become such a work of art! 🙂

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