Being PRESENT in 2017 | Happy New Year!

Happy happy New Year from this salty aired little beach box in Kill Devil Hills, NC! We are so excited to begin a new year and new adventure together, we ARE believers in fresh starts and new perspectives…although we know the real magic is not in it just happening, it’s in believing in it! Don’t let anyone dull your excitement for a new year by telling you nothing is different. You can wake up ANY day of the year and believe it’s magical and it will be just that — and so if you’re like me and LOVE the idea of the New Year, believe in it!!! ūüôā

One of the best gifts I got this year was Lara Casey’s Cultivate What Matters POWERSHEETS…something I didn’t know much about until I started seeing more and more of it come up in the Fall on her posts and realized it would very much be a great investment and create some real diligence in my goal planning for 2017! Here’s how I knew I needed it:

*I love the idea of dreaming big, goal planning and achieving my dreams but I NEVER put them into concrete action. I just kind of float along, see if I can make it happen, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.
*I needed to break down my goals a little more to understand¬†why¬†I wanted them to happen…there needs to be¬†purpose and heart behind goals to make them worthwhile and meaningful!
*I want to skip all the steps and just make them happen…but it doesn’t always work that way. Writing down steps to take, things to think about and realistic ways to approach the goal is such a detailed and perfect process to actually getting closer to making them happen!
*I needed to face my fears and get to the root of why I¬†don’t chase after some dreams and goals..and fight that fear once and for all and shoot for the moon!
*I am a Type A girl who has been goal planning like a Type B’er… and I think that’s why they never seemed really possible for me before! You can’t be so organized about 100 little things and then slack on the BIG things! I am so excited to have a¬†structure already set up for my goal planning and I just fill in the blanks!
*Because Lara Casey is awesome, her heart is gold and I love how intentional she is about her life’s plans and time. I am so looking forward to dreaming big and working hard in 2017!!!!


THE HARDEST PART SO FAR……seems easy for some. It was picking a¬†word of the year. ONE word?! My heart was racing… how can I pick one main word to focus on and to bring everything full circle to when it comes to living my life, running my business, loving my family and goal setting? I was really close to going with this one¬†word¬†that was at the top of the list but another word kept sticking out to me a little bolder and with flashing lights all around it when I looked at it…and that’s¬†present. I may have been better about being around my family more this year, but that doesn’t mean I was necessarily always¬†present. I wasn’t always present with my business the way I wanted to be– I launched one major project and put the other on the back burner. I had goals for two workshops and only pulled off one. I wanted to be more present in achieving my goals and spend more time with friends but this year blew by us. The beginning of the year I spent recovering from a torn incision from my third c-section, the middle of the year facing some hard truths with other family members and painfully adjusting to be an extremely overwhelmed mom of three, more hard times in the fall with family and lots of work and travel. I was kind of just….operating. Like a machine. I wasn’t always there, and this year, I will be. I’ve already been working on it the last month and I’m so proud of the results! Being present for me will look like¬†less phone, more scheduled¬†social media time and posts and less unintentional scrolling, more babysitting for office time so that evenings are exclusively for family and¬†listening more than speaking. I still plan to work-my-butt-off because damn I love this business like you wouldn’t believe! I LOVE our clients!!!!! Serving them is something I know I’m more than lucky to be able to do and we look forward to being more present for them this year as well! ūüôā




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