Beth + Evan | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

When Beth asked me for a field setting and had apologized for changing her mind, I was like girlfriend…NO- this is your shoot! Let’s do it. Let’s find one! I just happened to have a Sunday afternoon off to go search for one. It was hard to find the color field we wanted (wheat!) but Mikey and I lucked out! We found what we were looking for! We drove by there yesterday on the way to a friend’s house..and the field was cut…….I wanted to use it for our family pictures! 🙁 Oh well…as long as my client got what they needed I am HAPPY!

I love these two! They are a very soulful, passionate kind of romance. Their love is pretty obvious and it makes me lucky just to know them, and even luckier to be their photog. I remember meeting them at Starbucks with Beth’s beautiful and adorable mama a few months ago and having such a good time talking, that by the time we got out of meeting with them..(Mike and I went together!) … we had actually almost run out of time for our first date away from the baby since she was born..but we didn’t mind! We love them all that much! I love meeting good people you feel like you’ve always known. THOSE are my clients. Thanks for a fun shoot Beth & Evan! 🙂




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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I am from the Virginia Beach area and am in love with this setting. Would you mind telling me where this is located? Beautiful photos

    1. Hi Stephanie!!!! Thank you so much! It was actually on private property, otherwise I’d love to share the location with you but if you see any other locations on the blog at any time I’ll definitely let you know! 🙂

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