Bethanie + Adam | Virginia Beach Anniversary Session

When Bethanie first contacted me to do a session for her and Adam’s one year wedding anniversary, I could have CRIED– THIS is one of my favorite new things to shoot! Ever since Erin & Austin did a 10 year wedding anniversary shoot with me, people are starting to contact me to book portrait sessions for themselves and their spouse to celebrate their love and relationship. It has meant SO much to me that people are doing this and right upon meeting Bethanie & Adam I knew it was going to be a GREAT session! I don’t know how I luck out with these bombshell wives and their handsome sailors BUT I DO!!!!!! 🙂

Bethanie and Adam are in that playful and sweet kind of relationship that everyone hopes for, they literally seem like they are still in the first stages of dating because they are SO cute and happy together and I loved every minute of it! THANK YOU also to my friends Diane and Elizabeth for assisting me on this shoot, I am so grateful for your help!


Want to see their PASS gallery with the entire session? Click HERE! 🙂


bethanie-adam-5 bethanie-adam-7



2013-04-02_003 2013-04-02_004


2013-04-02_005 2013-04-02_006 2013-04-02_007bethanie-adam-61

2013-04-02_008bethanie-adam-75 bethanie-adam-76 bethanie-adam-78 bethanie-adam-86

2013-04-02_009bethanie-adam-87 bethanie-adam-89

2013-04-02_010 2013-04-02_011bethanie-adam-94

2013-04-02_012 2013-04-02_013bethanie-adam-107 bethanie-adam-110 bethanie-adam-113 bethanie-adam-114

2013-04-02_014 2013-04-02_015bethanie-adam-122 bethanie-adam-128 bethanie-adam-131 bethanie-adam-134

2013-04-02_016bethanie-adam-143 bethanie-adam-145 bethanie-adam-147


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  1. Love. Love. Love this session. You are AMAZING Amanda!!! <3

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