Bethanie + Adam | Virginia Beach Anniversary

I’m so lucky, working with these two for the third time..I just consider myself SO lucky. They’re not just repeat clients they’re clients totally in love and that make my job SO full of joy. Seeing Adam so loving and snuggly with Bethanie who is as cute as they come, and a total laid back cool girly girl is just the definition of LUCKY to me. I love the fact that Bethanie has their portraits taken every single year, too! A lot of couples get married and then neglect this, but it’s so important! We change so much every single year and we don’t realize it. You won’t regret documenting you two growing and evolving as a couple– so remember to get this done people!

We were FREEZING for this– and me saying I was freezing seems totally selfish considering that I was in a huge jacket and scarf. I felt so guilty! They were TOTAL troopers though– and let me just tell you it wasn’t just 42 degrees, it was WINDY. Hey weather, Virginia wants some WARMTH and stability back, please! Love you two SO much and am always honored to be a part of your life!! XOOX

virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-1 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-2 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-3 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-42014-03-26_0004 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-5 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-6 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-9 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-10 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-11 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-122014-03-26_0005 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-15 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-16 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-17 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-18 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-19 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-20 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-21 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-22  virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-24 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-272014-03-26_0006 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-28 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-29 virginia-beach-anniversary-photographer-hedgepeth-31

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  1. kryspratt says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful! I love there very informal feel yet they are still frame worthy.

  2. ashley link says:

    LOVE that wide shot with the tree! so pretty! it definitely looks like a warm spring day! 😉

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