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All I can think about right now are those tacos from Bad Bean. It’s 3:29 in the morning and I would give anything to bust up in that restaurant and get myself three of those chicken soft tacos with cheese and a side of sour cream, but that’s not going to happen because it’s quite literally the MIDDLE of the night.

I’m stuck with restless legs again. And this is one of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms EVER. I know I shouldn’t have had the Brownie Batter Ben & Jerry’s but I need to live with it, all the sugar running through my body now keeping me wide awake. I did this to myself! But seriously while I was eating it, I just didn’t care because I loved every single bite!!!! 🙂

But with that said, I decided to hop on emails since earlier in the night, I stopped working around 8pm when my hips started to hurt REALLY bad from sitting in the office chair and editing. I took an epsom salt lavender bath and laid in bed, and tried to sleep and was restless for hours of it, it never felt like good sleep, so finally at 2am I hopped up and out and here I am now, blogging about it.

When I started to answer emails, I thought about all the recipients who probably have notifications on their phone and have their volume up because of alarms they have set for the next morning. I do NOT wanna wake them up! I remembered hearing about “scheduling” emails to be sent at a certain time– for reasons like this, of course, and also as a way to maintain boundaries and have office hours if you are one of those business owners that is diligent about listing specific hours of operation in your email signature or on your website. Sometimes though, we are answering emails outside of appropriate hours and instead of just saving them as drafts and needing to remember to click “send” later on…you can SCHEDULE the time they are delivered via a quick download called Boomerang if you are a GMAIL user! I just answered 12 emails and they are all scheduled to be sent out at 8am, brilliant! I am so thankful for this and it was VERY easy to download and understand. Katie Nesbitt had a great link on her blog, which is where I got it from .. so I’ll just link you right to hers and then when you get to the actual Boomerang site, they have a screen shot step-by-step, although you may not need most of it…BIG YAY for super super user friendly things! 🙂

So I may not get my tacos tonight. Those Nilla Wafers did not do the trick, they really didn’t and I’m over them. But– I DID get emails answered and design an album in the middle of the when I’m up at 7:30am to get ready to drive to my Virginia Beach doctor’s appointment, please remind me that at least I got some work done for the day before it began. Mama’s gonna need some positivity tomorrow morning!!! XOOXOX

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    Excellent article, Amanda. Boomerang is certainly a real life-saver. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at

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