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Sometimes you just take a small idea…and you really, really, REALLY get rolling with it! That’s exactly what’s been happening in my business over the past couple of years, and I am really loving this season of where I am and spending more time sharing and uniting with others about how much we all have in common! Creating this safe place, this community, it’s making it easier for people who were once worried to feel brave. Where artists are more adventurous and fulfill those dreams they so quietly once held on to. Silently, because that was easier than going for it. Time to step out into the sunshine, friends!

You have a friend in the industry HERE, and what this next idea is all about, the Newsletter, is a topic specifically reaching my mama audience! I want so much to reunite a little closer with women who want to have kids, are pregnant, or already have them and want to concurrently run a business! This is SO close to my heart because I know the fears, the struggle, the ups and downs of trying to keep both perfectly balanced just to learn one very important thing….they never can be PERFECTLY balanced, but I sure can do everything in my power to pull myself BACK up and get back on track when one inevitably falls behind!!

So, the newsletter is NOW OPEN so sign up! It’s FREE!!! Even if you aren’t a business owner but you’re working and want to be in on this, please feel free to sign up and share with a friend! This is a monthly newsletter and the first will be sent out on Tuesday April 14, 2015 so be sure to be signed up by then to receive the introduction letter!!! THANK YOU!!!!!





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  1. Maria says:

    Just signed up – so excited!

  2. Karen Allen says:

    Yay!!! This is awesome!! My first year as a momma…absolute best (and hardest) year ever! I’m so excited for your newsletter!

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