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This is a short and sweet post but I am REALLY excited to share it! Last Fall, I was thinking a little bit about my branding. I really LOVED it! Katie Durksi (KD Creative) did it and the bright pink and teal, so so me! They were SO fun and on point!

Over the year or so, I kept thinking I wanted to change the branding colors to something more…mature. Paler shades maybe, like pale coastal blue and coral. Originally I even thought of this as what I was going for and emailed that to Katie!

Let’s be real you guys. That’s not me. Sometimes I can dress in those colors (the toned down ones) and look great but ME is BRIGHT. Always! Pink, teal, yellow, pink-oranges…that is me! And even when my brides don’t pick those colors for their weddings?! That’s THEM– they are all bright and cheerful and charming perso0606nality wise! (I may even be dropping a new branding word or two in this post!;))

Also…I LOVE gold and that’s what 99% of my jewelry is…but, I’m actually less fancy than gold personality wise and so in branding, it doesn’t fit me how I want it to..that’s the truth. So I’ll most likely be dropping that! I feel like it’s perfect and beautiful for so many people and it’s shiny and high end, and although I’m considered high end investment wise…what fits me better is something along an element. Water (the sea) or beachy distressed white wash wood..watercolor, they just speak to me and always have..and I am glad to be able to REALLY throw my branding UP a notch by embracing that happy, colorful and bright look while keeping it so classy!

Thank you again Katie for being amazing and working with me again…can’t wait to share our branding board when it’s put together! In the mean can watch the evolution of me narrowing it down. Thank gosh Katie is a professional, I will start out as a mess all over the place and watch her cleeeean it on up! 🙂


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  1. Reina says:

    I love love love watercolor in my branding, and think it fits me well (artistic, free, easygoing, fun!). I can’t wait to have mine revamped professionally this year <3 love ya girl and can't wait to see the rebrand!!!

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