Brannan + John | Manteo Waterfront Anniversary

This is one of those blogs where I sit down, I take a breath and really think about how I am going to describe this. There is so much more to this one than a blog of pretty images..and they are VERY pretty!! I was so proud of this one, I mean I had only been here one time to get an All Washed Up Jewelry necklace from Sisters of Manteo and I fell in LOVE with the area! I am still discovering new places to shoot weekly. The week visits here growing up didn’t give me enough ideas..I want to know everything about my new home. I have books about the Outer Banks, I love reading it’s history. This Manteo Waterfront area was just one of the many gems I have discovered here and I KNEW it was perfect for Brannan’s vision for her and John’s anniversary shoot!

Brannan has the best heart. She also is a huge inspiration because she has busted her butt and lost weight and been on an incredible journey to get there…it’s moving people she knows and bringing them to happy tears seeing her reach her goals and look and feel so joyful! John and Brannan are one of my favorite kind of clients…they celebrate anniversaries by honoring themselves and getting portraits made and they flirrrrrrt TOO! You KNOW I love that! 🙂 Brannan– your gold sparkle, your sweet kind heart, your words to me on this day when you told me about how you felt about my work and business..I can’t tell you what it gave to me because there aren’t words for it. I was having a hard week, coming back slowly from an emotional breakdown like seriously melt on the floor crazy person meltdown and honestly, you kind of saved me. I appreciate it you so so much!!! Did I mention she’s a photographer, too!? There may be a headshot of her in there, also!! :):)

Best Face Forward- Skin, Makeup & Color Artists
MUA:Susanne Mayer
Hair Stylist: Mandy Montgomery
Tan: Allure Tans And Lauren Bowers

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  1. Yeaaaa…I’m crying (not that, that is unusual for me) but THANK YOU!! I’m really not the best at speaking my feelings but hopefully this can give you a little glimpse into how much joy I feel in my heart right now!! Pandora is playing (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life (feat. Jennifer Warnes)
    by Bill Medley and it is a perfect song to go with our blog and your AMAZING images!! WOW!!! just really WOW! I’m over the moon happy and I REALLY FEEL like I’m on my way to a better me and that means a better me for my John! You helped me see all the beautiful changes that are happening. Thank you for your kindness and compassion! If I gave you a little boost it’s because you earned it! I love that you are honest and real…you have a pure heart and that is the best gift ever! Thank you love!! 🙂 Ok I need a tissue! haha

  2. Maria says:

    umm I’m a little obsessed with these! Love!

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