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Some of you poor, poor souls– you’re over it I’m sure. This transition of moving for us is something I’ve been sharing constantly with the world because it’s been HUGE for our life. It’s the story of a boy and a girl who met, fell in love, got married (here, where we now live!), had some babies and took a chance on a BIG dream. The dream was to put ourselves where our hearts actually belonged. A place where we tied the knot, a place where I remember my family truly being happy– for one week a year growing up. A place that is WONDERFUL for kids to grow up in. Where you can actually find awesome seashells and not just after a storm. (And PS– the water IS bluer here!)

The following small things may sound silly, but it’s stuff like this that makes it lovable to me. Remember, finding joy and wonder in simple things makes life incredibly more worth living and enjoying– so don’t judge!:

-Not everywhere still takes credit cards (and when they do, they require a minimum charge)
-Small businesses everywhere! Handmade, EVERYwhere!
-There’s driftwood and clamshells all outside of our front door at our condo
-A vending machine in Treadquarters (and the place, my friends, is COVERED in old freakin’ wood panelling) that is a REAL vending machine without a credit card slot– I’m actually OKAY with inconvenience when it’s something that’s just a little more old school and genuine to me
-There are not a lot of drive through food places left and right
-The paper bag only option at grocery stores
-Secret and homemade recipes at the local eats
-Old school power lines everywhere
-Three people have now gone way outta their way to hold doors and open them for me, some even carrying my take out to the car for me and I’m talking to people now, something I deeply avoided in Hampton Roads because I just wasn’t every feeling safe enough to after riding the HRT — like I am looking them in the eye and talking to them
-Introducing ourselves to neighbors and talking about what brought us here
-Smelling the salt air from our place– and SEEING the ocean from our bedroom
-Manteo, Hatteras, Duck and Corolla– just a drive away
-Getting up early and going half a mile to the left for Max’s bagels and a mile to the right for Front Porch Cafe coffee (where I am currently sitting and am one of TWO people in here, UNLIKE busy crazy loud Starbucks always was at ALL locations I went to!)
-Did I mention the old school not modern plugs for laptops they have here? I’m seriously sounding crazy– but there is just a different feel here and I love seeing less “modern”…I have admitted in all of these statements above I am nothing but a granny old soul and I’m okay with it 🙂

I’m going to be blogging more and more about why this place is amazing, but this is all I can come up with at the moment while I sit and look at the gorgeous blue sky and puffy white clouds right in front of me on the bypass!

At night- I can see the stars. Not the orange glowing lights of Ferrell Parkway. I can see the stars. Nothing like seeing Cammy look up mesmerized, and nothing like hearing her say “I can see SO many stars here!” — she gets it, too. I knew she would appreciate that.

Last but not least, I noticed this week– even with the chaos of moving and the fact that I’m just working around the clock to catch up on editing during the busiest part of my entire year wedding wise…I am breathing again. Like not just enough to get by, but a little extra. I’m breathing in a way that means I’m not just living, but I’m happy to be alive. I appreciate the air I’m breathing because, well, it’s the air I’m meant to be surrounded by. The air is different here and that’s why so many of you pay $200 for a hotel room 1 hour away from Virginia Beach when you live RIGHT THERE at a beach..because you know the air is different. You can’t deny it. The Duck Donuts in Virginia Beach now? It’s your own little piece of the Outer Banks close to home– so I see it constantly popping up in my Instagram feed. I don’t blame you guys, there is no place like the banks.

So, what I’ve been doing this week since we moved in is making sure weddings are still blogged within 1 1/2-2 weeks after they occur, getting emails answered (and they have been flooding in like crazy which I am so thankful for!!) and unpacking and organizing our simplified new life. I’m telling you right now, I can promise you all of those material things are not what are making you happy– all that CUTE stuff at Target in those aisles near the picture frames, the color coordinated lamps, trays, end tables..the clothes that I LOVE there..we said goodbye to things we thought we loved and have no issues days later remembering that they are JUST things.

Peace and have a great weekend! XOXO

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  1. This makes me want to visit what you call home now. Coming from across the country, maybe someday! 🙂 I totally get you about the Things in life. It’s really important to know what truely makes us happy in life! “Things” aren’t what matter most!!!!!!

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