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Mamas, I get it. I understand what you’re thinking when she’s getting in that dress. Wasn’t she just a toddler dressed up pretending to be a bride? Wasn’t she just in your arms for the first time wrapped up like a baby burrito so little and warm and sweet?

Back when she needed you all the time, the constant “mommy mommy mommy” as a toddler all day long slowly over the years starting to ask for you less and less, and now she’s on her own about to become a wife. You remember her putting on your heels and walking around the house, and now she’s in her wedding heels. You remember her putting toys on her head and walking around like a goofball, and today it’s a veil. Even though she’s much much much taller now, and so grown up, her eyes still look the same as when she was a baby. She’s still a baby in your eyes, and please don’t forget she will always be yours. 

How can watching your baby grow up be so rewarding and painful at the same time? They seem to be moving further and further away from needing you but that’s not true. They will always need you and you’ll always be their mama. Being there for them today and telling them that no matter how old they grow to be in front of your very eyes, and even when their babies come along..they’re always your little girl and you will always be there for them.

You’re so brave mamas for getting through these wedding days and still keeping your makeup on. I can’t even keep mine on writing this post thinking about my girls getting in that beautiful white dress some day, but I hope I can pull it off as fabulously as you do. I love my bride’s mamas, they’re always my heroes on the wedding day and definitely cause me to shed several tears behind the camera 🙂

Here’s Cammy in my wedding dress when she was less than a year old on the beach in Nags Head where we were married! Taken a few years ago obviously 🙂

img_1025 img_1028 img_1064

Elle Marie you’re next to get into this dress this summer in OBX! 🙂


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  1. Deborah says:

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    There’s no way I could have written this any better at all. Being a mom whose daughter is getting married in less than a year, I can totally relate to everything Amanda has written. We are so fortunate that this wonderful photographer will be doing Ashley’s wedding. And I’m sure taking several pictures of Mom (me!) crying….not to mention poor Dad!

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