Brigitte + Jon | Norfolk Botanical Gardens Maternity

Brigitte and Jon are probably one of the most FUN couples I know, they are always enjoying life and each other. They even had a VEGAS WEDDING!!!! I love them, how fun are they?!?! Brigitte and I go back to the Max and Erma’s days back when things were so hard, we were all just trying to get our feet off the ground and finish school and get the heck outta waiting tables. Today, Brigitte is a Physical Education teacher and absolutely LOVES her job. I love seeing people who have worked so hard living a beautiful fulfilled life and so happy like they deserve! CONGRATS BRIGITTE AND JON! They don’t know what they’re having yet…but I can’t wait to find out! 🙂 XOXOXO

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2013-04-03_003 2013-04-03_004brigitte-jonathan-maternity-norfolk-botanical-gardens-54

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2013-04-03_010brigitte-jonathan-maternity-norfolk-botanical-gardens-78 brigitte-jonathan-maternity-norfolk-botanical-gardens-79 brigitte-jonathan-maternity-norfolk-botanical-gardens-83


2013-04-03_011 2013-04-03_012

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2013-04-03_014 2013-04-03_015brigitte-jonathan-maternity-norfolk-botanical-gardens-117 brigitte-jonathan-maternity-norfolk-botanical-gardens-119

2013-04-03_017 2013-04-03_016brigitte-jonathan-maternity-norfolk-botanical-gardens-126

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  1. Brigitte Robinson says:

    It is going to take A LOT to get this smile off my face!! Never would have thought they would have turned out this BEAUTIFUL!!! You do some amazing work!!

  2. Beth Lilly says:

    My brother and his beautiful bride look amazing!!

  3. Anne Mancini says:

    This baby is in for a treat … two VERY awesome parents. Good luck Jon and Brigitte, you have an amazing journey ahead of you!

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