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Well, I think this is gonna be MANDATORY for any destination weddings booked!!! I’m shouting it from the rooftops, if you take me somewhere gorgeous like this you’re getting a SECOND set of engagements, hahah! I was SO thrilled when Kris and Brittany wanted to take time out of their Virgin Gorda vacation time and wedding week to shoot something casual and laid back, like say..another set of engagements while we were there! There is NOTHING a photographer appreciates more than portrait time, and nothing you will look back and regret more if you don’t give it to them!!

Ohhh Virgin Gorda, BVI. You are a dream. Like, I actually am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I was there and this happened. I sat in Starbucks and edited the heck outta this so fast I couldn’t even believe it when I looked up and realized that there it is, all culled, edited, done and prepared for the blog! I couldn’t get enough of not only the clearly amazing scenery, but oh man..Brittany and Kris. The kind of couple that happens in Nicolas Sparks books..but better. The kind of couple that has a fire lit at all times, passionate but laid back, completely head over heels..just the way I like my couples 🙂

Thank you two. I already wrote a blog about how much your wedding and the experience changed my life..and the only way I can thank you is to keep throwing images your way. Here’s the engagement session — and get ready for later this week, because the wedding one is already rearing and ready to go 🙂

Location: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
The Baths and surrounding areas

british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-4 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-5 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-6 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-7 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-8

LOVE Brittany’s laid back island style!


What an incredible story behind that necklace <3 Had me crying so much– an angel looking out for her was the one to give it to her <3 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-19

An adorable behind the scenes, the portable fans are VERY necessary and I will be bringing one the next time I visit! 🙂

british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-9 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-10 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-11 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-12 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-13 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-14
This is going to be hard to believe..but somehow, this girl is even prettier on the inside. Seems impossible, but she really is <3

british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-15 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-16 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-172014-05-26_0003british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-21 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-23

And then…THIS happened in my life!!! We had to SQUEEEEEZE to get there, but we did! Thank gosh I’m a low maintenance photographer on gear!!!!!!!!

british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-25 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-26 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-27

This was shot at a pretty high ISO because it was dark in here, but there was one perfect and appropriately placed beam of light coming in 🙂 Very very Rembrandt of us 🙂

british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-29 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-30 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-31

Apparently they aren’t professional models for a living, I’m sure I believe them!??! 🙂

british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-32 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-33 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-34 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-35

Ladies– this English gentleman is officially OFF the market and in Brittany’s arms foreverrrrr! 🙂


This is the trail you have to trek to get there!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! 🙂 And..I made it in and out alive hahahaha! 🙂 british-virgin-island-photographer-bvi-engagements-44

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  1. ashley link says:

    LOVEEEE!!! such a beautiful session! so many favorites! great job, amanda! <3

  2. We love the Virgin Islands and honeymooned there! These are gorgeous, Amanda! Definitely new favorites of yours! xoxo!

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