Brittany & Kyle | Part 1 | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

My FIRST wedding of the 2012 season was one close to my heart. I love Brittany and we call each other ‘anxiety twins’ because we spend many a shift waiting tables at Bubba’s so stressed and calming each other down. We BOTH have horrible anxiety and it was refreshing to see someone as much of a hot mess as I was around, haha, love ya girl!

She’s just the sweetest thing and her husband, wow, I thought he was good looking from the pictures but when I saw him in person…I melted! Those blue eyes, that smile! This couple is dangerously good looking and so head over heels it’s like you’re watching a movie. I love them and am excited to share the first half of their wedding blog post, finally! The rest will be up soon, stay tuned! 🙂


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