Buying for Baby: Crazy Nesting Edition | New Mom Series

This is real life people, nesting is alive and well in this household!!! Most people that know me know I am chaotically organized– meaning some things I am really truly on top of and others are a hot mess. I am sorry for this and it’s mostly because I am trying to run a busy business that I wake up and want to cry out of joy every day for that I’m able to do and also because well– I’m a mama! It’s a hard job and I LOVE IT 🙂 Keeps your on your toes and up to your ears in laundry, dishes and to do lists. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

So with that said– there are days where I’m not able to do anything editing wise or for my business because Cammy is constant demand of attention. I have to only begin and follow through with tasks that are able to be interrupted without affecting the end result. For instance, I do not want to start to edit something and have her interrupt and then try to pick back up, the results may not be consistent because of this! It’s true, beware of that new photog mamas! This means a lot of housework and cleaning can get done when it’s just she and I at the house during the week. That’s also where this nesting comes in.

Nesting is something that only certain people can understand. It’s not always just women, either! Sometimes men and dads-to-be get the itch to start cleaning, organizing and preparing for baby or for things in the future (an event at the house like a birthday party, cookout, etc) and it’s just a way of feeling in control of the situation beforehand. Feeling prepared is a wonderful thing..mostly because life is SO unpredictable. So new mothers are known for this. Not all of them get this itch but a LOT do! Some of us however, we get it very early. I started building Ellie’s new swing and shopping for her equipment MONTHS ago..and I’m not due until mid-January! But you know what? We got hit HARD with some financial burdens this Fall and thank goodness we did all of that ahead of time. Our only expense left now is the incredible and worthy birth videographer we are using and we still have a baby shower before that, so hopefully that won’t get us too much in the end!

Below are some things I already have done that may seem crazy, but I’ll tell you what’s crazy– NOT having peace of mind and being prepared for a huge change. We have a two year old and life is very fast and changes all the time so we want to welcome Ellie into our home already set up for her to be here, not doing anything last minute. Take a look into our world of nesting and how ready for this little girl we are!!! 🙂 The only thing left is a CPR class we are taking next week and in a couple of weeks we will have Ellie’s birthday scheduled (c-section)! But– we’re not telling when that is 🙂

Up in our laundry (washer/dryer) closet in the kitchen, we already have our baby dish soap, drying mat for bottles, breast pads and milk storage bags STOCKED. I’m not messing around y’all. Every time I went to Target/Babies R Us/Walmart for a trip since we found out we were pregnant, I picked up one item like these things at a time and now we don’t have to buy most of these things literally until around next Summer, or later! It’s really helpful to spread out the purchases that way! Plus, we come home from the hospital and it’s all there. So easy. More time to go to the mall and other fun little walk around things together as a family and less on going shopping for things like this!


This is one of our pantry spaces in the kitchen. We already have all of the bottles washed and ready to go, including other Medela breast pump parts and the milk storage cooler, too. That way it’s already there, we don’t have to play Jenga and make room for it later and we know exactly where it’ll be for the next year after she’s born. So convenient 🙂

She’s sleeping in a bassinet (from this post) in our room for the first few months, but then she’ll be in her crib! This crib until a couple weeks ago was still converted into a toddler bed but Cammy now has a Doc McStuffins toddler bed on the other side of the girl’s room so Ellie gets to use this for a while until she’s big enough for her own cool girl bed 🙂 She won’t be in this crib regularly until probably next Spring/Summer but it’s available and we can put her in here if we need to..and it’s DONE and ready to go!


Ellie’s shoes are in the little dresser next to Cammy’s now 🙂

The girls are splitting a dresser. Two drawers each- and Ellie’s drawer with socks, pants and pj’s is already ready in addition to her other drawer with just onesies and complete outfits. I’m a nesting fool. 95% of these clothes are Cammy’s old clothes that I pulled out of the garage the day after we had our ultrasound that told us it was another girl. I washed them and folded them over the next couple of days. That was around 16 weeks pregnant!

SB9A3741 SB9A3742 SB9A3743

Her carseat is READY TO GO. Even with the little neck pillow and her Carseat Canopy that I had a free coupon for- I only paid for shipping! I HIGHLY recommend these little suckers! They always have a great deal going on– sign up via email and you’ll get a free code for sure at some point. I got my card from Prenatal Miracles after our 3D/4D Ultrasound! Below her carseat is her (Cammy’s old one) pink bouncer. Out of the garage, survived with no mildew unlike the other items and is ready for Ellie Girl!


That red tub? All three month clothes (Cammy’s old ones and 2 or 3 new outfits for Ellie) ALREADY WASHED and folded and ready to be put in the drawers come early Spring time. Because YES it is so helpful to be that prepared. I’m going to always continue to do that for the next size up in clothes!


This is Elliegirl’s hospital bag! It’s slowly starting to accumulate the necessary goods! Of course there is a present from Cammy in there, haha, a little bunny..and a warm hat because she’s a January baby. Also, an unopened new pack of newborn pacis, two swaddle blankets and one big soft one, three pairs of newborn socks, some pj’s, two outfits and 2-3 onesies. Little lady will be set in the hospital without overpacking too much for her!

Not pictured..
My hospital bag. OH YEAH I already started it. The funny thing is, we pretty much know when we’re having her because it’s a scheduled c-section but I want to be prepared– sorry bout it! I have a small rolling suitcase with 2 nursing bras, three nursing tanks, FUZZY SOCKS ARE A MUST, boppy pillow another hugely wonderful item for a new baby and mama sitting in a hospital bed together, light toiletries like Burt’s Bees face wipes, etc. I’ll pack comfy pants too and the usual rest of the kind of items you would need but I will have enough room for Mike to bring some things, too! That way, we’re only bring TWO bags of a reasonable size to the hospital. Perfect. We don’t wanna be crowded!

Because we are so on top of things with this baby– we have enough time for life now. A little girl got her Christmas Tree this year early because we had the time to do it and start the holiday traditions early to enjoy them longer! Still– as much as we love the holidays… we can not WAIT for January this year to meet our new addition! 🙂


Then we decided that the Christmas tree needed COLORFUL lights too – thanks to the Instagram pic below for the cool bokeh effect (try taking the picture out of focus and you get this!)


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