Bye Nausea! | Pregnancy Series

I COULD NOT BE MORE THRILLED to be writing this! Two days ago, I woke up and it was gone. It was gone!!! I bought a new vacuum cleaner because our broke and oh sister, I vacuumed the entire downstairs, down the the baseboards and even took a magic eraser and cleaned the disgusting dirt that accumulates from our back door in the door way. I COULD physically do all this because I was a new human being!!!!

The truth about the first trimester is that you’re functioning, and you’re doing what you have to do…but for people like me who believe in being perpetually positive…this was a drag. Painful from the debilitating nausea to the headaches to the extreme fatigue. Emotionally, it was worse because I felt negative and I felt like a different version of myself, it was depressing!

It’s kind of hard to write that because I feel like it makes me look ungrateful but anyone who really knows me and the way I love my children and pregnancy KNOWS that is not me, so I can’t sweat the ones who may look too far into it. This is for the women who truly suffer with first trimester nausea. Suffer, the perfect word for it. I LOVE pregnancy! Oh my gosh wait until you see this new human emerging over the next six months…through the inevitable round ligament pain I know I’ll have, I will be SO much more joyful now!

I just want you to know if you are one of the people with the horribly rough first trimesters, you are so not alone! Like I mentioned, I am a VERY positive and energetic person…so being in this cave of sickness and pain for so long really took an emotional toll on me. I super super super super hate admitting this but in the spirit of staying painfully honest on the blog, I was kind of depressed. It’s just not me to feel that way, and I cried a lot over it. I MISSED being me. I hated laying on the couch while Mike came home from work and did every dish, cooked all the food, did all the laundry, picked up all the messes. I couldn’t stand it. Sounds LOVELY right- to be so taken care of?!

No– it made me feel kind of worthless and I couldn’t stand it. The girls had to see me hardly awake half the time and just praying I could hold down water and food some days. The medicine I got (an antihistamine, not Zofran before you email or message me:)) made me even MORE exhausted but I was able to shoot and function on it and to be honest, I was my BEST at weddings! The adrenaline kicked in and took care of me and I shot my heart out for FIVE GORGEOUS May weddings that rocked the stats on my blog and made my heart melt with beautiful couples and moments!

We know we VERY most likely are not going to be able to have any more children if we want to be able to divide time and love to them as best we can and additionally financially we feel that’s the best decision, too. With all of that said, I don’t think I can suffer that nausea again..especially when I have other babies to take care of. I love being pregnant but I think it’s fairly safe to say I just left my last first trimester going through the horrible nausea! And I am SO glad to see it go and so proud I made it through that!! I feel like a strong little mama!

Are you planning on becoming pregnant? Don’t let me scare you! It’s so different for everyone. If you DO end up suffering from nausea, please know there are options to help and I have a video HERE about getting through that! PLEASE try to stay hydrated, that was the hardest thing for me! Take care of yourself and remember the reward at the end of this rough time is a beautiful sweet baby that will change your life for the best!!! 🙂


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