Callie + James | Rehearsal Dinner | Chester Event Photographer

These two just make you feel so welcome right away, and I know exactly what it is. Well first, it’s just THEM. They’re good people. It’s easy to tell and you can also see it by how many people are supportive and loving towards them. And also? They’ve got the small town thing going on. It makes me so jealous, I grew up in suburbia and I know every different society type has it’s ups and downs but I truly feel warm and welcome when it comes to small town. Shooting a rehearsal dinner is fun because you get to see the excitement and sheer bliss of the couple knowing what’s coming the next day. It’s like my own greedy little sneak peek…I LOVE seeing the way they act the day before and then taking in the wedding day with them! Also, this was probably one of my most challenging shoots due to the lighting. I struggled with whether to just crank that ISO up and use no flash, or use flash, so I started with flash and ended with a cranked ISO. It was very dim, but I am learning to embrace the grain in images when it is inevitable 🙂 Thank you to Rivers Bend Grill for hosting!

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  1. Nancy says:

    These are great! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!
    Callie’s Mom

  2. April says:

    Beautiful:) <3


  3. Bob King says:

    Great pic’s!

  4. Anna Kohout says:

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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