Cammy Turns FOUR | Our First Little Girl

So there was this dream I had, I got married to this amazing man and I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I just wanted to capture these amazing moments and I LOVE brides more than anything, I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I was determined to make it happen, to work hard, and then months into that work I had a super STRONG and undeniable feeling that I was ready to be a mother..only being married a couple of months I JUST KNEW I was ready and Mike would be, too.

I sat on the edge of our bed in our North Beach Apartment off Shore Drive and I just cried to him. I said the weirdest things that at the time probably sounded insane, I’m so glad he didn’t leave me right then and there but I told him “SOMEONE is missing from this world, I’m telling you that I know in my heart we have to bring someone into this world, into our world. I know they’re going to change lives or do SOMETHING big for us or for others.” I just had a feeling in my soul we needed to have a baby. I’m weird and passionate and determined…and this was some odd calling I hadn’t felt before.

I’m glad we started then, because it actually took us around 6 months to get pregnant and after just a couple of no luck, we went ahead and started seeing a fertility doctor because we didn’t want to “just keep trying” and not know some issue existed all along that we could have found out about. And thank GOODNESS we did because there was an issue! It was eventually found and solved, it’s very common and the second we treated it … we got pregnant around month six! This ended up being a huge blessing in disguise timing wise, had we not had the issues, I would have missed a lot of wedding bookings that first year…so our NOVEMBER girl was PERFECT for us! 🙂

She arrived two weeks before Thanksgiving. I had super low amniotic fluid and had to be induced on 11/11/11 – and little lady wasn’t coming, so the next day we welcomed her via c-section on 11/12/11 and our world changed forever.

I will never forget those moments. My favorite was the quietness in the hospital that night, the three of us, just hanging out like best friends…no one else around.

Cammy you are a GEM. You have affected more lives just by being sweet and hilarious YOU than you can ever imagine. You have inspired your mama to inspire others to pursue business while pursing baby, too. I will spend the rest of my days helping others because of YOU and what you gave to me, this family and to the world.

We couldn’t be more proud Cammy, we love you SO much! I can’t believe you turn FOUR TOMORROW!!!!!!!! My business has grown with my family, and Cammy gets the credit for where it all began 🙂



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And here she is TODAY– juggling all those responsibilities between big girl preschooler, ballerina and ALMOST twice over big seastar!!! 🙂
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