CammyEllieSeastars to AmandaHedgepethOBX | Instagram Change

I am laughing to myself right now…I definitely sat in a room of women at the Creative at Heart Conference and said “if my Instagram name changes, it means we have another baby on the way and I can’t fit three names in my handle!” HAHA! Well, right now we’re not pregnant so that’s not entirely true, but it does mean we’re on the way to thinking about it! Whether it’s this year, next year or the year after…we know our family will be growing again but every day that goes by I think about it more and more and know the longer I wait — the harder it will be and the more people that the change will have to reach, etc! So now we’re (me and the gals!) simply AmandaHedgepethOBX on Instagram — not as fun, but necessary!

If you haven’t followed us before but are interested in #beachroadvideos, #kittyhawkseastars and all things #obx and #amandahedgepethphotography — it’s HERE! The rebranding process is currently happening, beach combing and conch shell finding excursions and trips to Hatteras on the weekends, lots of lot from a little 1 year old and 3 year old, etc etc! THANK YOU for the support and followers over the last couple of years!!!! SO very thankful!!!!!!!! :):)


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