Cammy’s Real Job | New Mom Series

I will never forget the day I met her. I had waited and enjoyed big old contractions for a while before having to be wheeled to the OR for a c-section to bring her into this world, and then just like that…she was in my arms.

I may have still been slightly drugged holding her in the hospital that evening when I told her we would be best friends forever…and that we should totally be college roomies. I wanted to spend every single waking moment with her because she was my soul mate, my absolute most favorite girl in the world…my beautiful, incredible daughter. We grew so close and had an amazing bond and then I watched her become a big sister at 2 years old and it was truly impressive to watch her take on this role so seriously.

She was holding Ellie within hours of meeting her. She grabbed diapers and wipes for her, she potty trained RIGHT away and was fully on her own by 2 1/2 with that and she just blew us away with how quickly she did everything. Wait, scratch that…how quickly she does everything. And today…she is doing the same. She’s getting all the diapers, the wipes, the bib, the juice, the snacks, the blankets, the pacis…she’s doing so much mom work on her own because it’s just in her to mom her sisters and to help me.

But recently I realized that this may be asking too much of her. She takes the role on herself, she likes getting the diaper and wipe and paci for me because she likes being “useful” and busy but honestly, this girl has one real job. She needs to be a kid, and I’m letting her take on too much so young. Am I leaving her on her own with the kids and asking her to have dinner ready? LOL, obviously not…but does Cammy need to get me a diaper and wipe EVERY time? And does she need to grab me a paci every time Autumn is falling asleep? No! She needs to know it’s okay to not be so responsible for everything and everyone all the time. I want her to know it’s okay to scale back on the duties having to do with her sisters but still want to her to know the importance of responsibility and keeping up with picking up after herself. She’s Type A to the core, so I’ll have to work on getting her to relax, but I’m going to try 🙂

Cammy you don’t have to do it all girl. You work harder than any little girl I know and you care SO much to achieve things so quickly and I can admire that but it’s time mama let you off the hook a little. Whenever we take our beach walks…I see you let loose and become the most free of spirits and it warms my heart. You become this laid back wild child who loves to run along the shore and you just breathe differently. I am so proud of you honey. Every day. I’m just gonna make sure you know your one job is to be a kid and not always the little mama in this house 🙂



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