Campaign for Zane! | Fowler Studios

You want to talk about the most selfless hearts around?! I will never forget sitting down with Susan at Panera in Virginia Beach a couple of years ago for mentoring. I remember going home and saying Mike, I really really really like this girl! I always have a great time mentoring but Susan has this incredible balanced mix of fierce determination and this heart of gold. This loving, giving, serving heart of gold…and her husband is DEFINITELY no exception! This couple is a beautiful example of living selflessly but never stopping to soak up and enjoy life with their sweet little girl along the way. It’s so inspiring!

And that’s why when I saw their video “Campaign for Zane” — I wasn’t surprised…but my heart burst into pure happiness for this journey they are beginning on and also ached knowing it would be a long and hard process. Josh and Susan want to bring home a little boy from Eastern Europe that has medical issues (you’ll see in the video) and adopt him to give him a better life and a loving home.

Even if you can’t give anything right now, please at least watch their video below! (They are videographers so of course, it’s wonderful!) — and share share share this link to help bring ZANE HOME!!!! Love you guys!! XOXOXO


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