Cara + Stephen | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

The first time we were scheduled for engagements was the day it rained and poured so badly, my child couldn’t sleep through it! Thunder, lightening, the whole shebang. I was sad because we had really gotten amped up for this engagements and I was dying to meet these two!

Well all I can say is I am SO THRILLED we rescheduled to this day! It was a Friday evening, the light was sooooo soft and gorgeous! The sun was mostly covered with clouds for the shoot but when we got into the water a little, you could see where it comes out and shines right down on them <3 I loved the way these two could not stop was like looking at Mikey and I when we did our engagements with the wonderful Katelyn James years ago! I have a VERY hard time doing a serious face. Cara is so giddy and Stephen adores her. I am *SO LUCKY* to have been able to work with such an adorable couple. And Stephen, thank you for being a camera friendly guy! You have NO idea what that means to me, haha! 🙂


Okay..can we talk about how much I love the next two!? GENUINE LAUGHS melt my heart!


Oh the light was so glowy! 🙂 My fave!!!!!!


And this next one?! PLEASE. Needs to be a 17th Street ad <3





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  1. Jim Harclerode says:

    On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 11:43 AM, Jim Harclerode wrote:

    > * I just love looking at your work, when the day comes when my Grandson > gets engaged , you will surely be recommended. Also. I love seeing your > little Cammy, almost called you to say bring her over my house, for I love > little girl babies. Keep the good work up![?] Faye Brown,*

    1. I appreciate that so much! Please contact me ANYTIME and I’d love to help! :):):)

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