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Well, I surely didn’t plan on this post today. Last night, I plugged my card into the card reader and it couldn’t read anything. After slight panic I thought maybe it’s the card reader, not my card. After all, my cards have NEVER been corrupt before! Ever!

Then I put the card in the camera to view the images on there and it said it “couldn’t play them back to be viewed” or something like that, and I just lost it. 1000+ images GONE. How the HECK does this happen! I ALWAYS format my cards! My first thought was okay– this is technology, so thank GOODNESS I have insurance. Unfortunately sometimes it’s just an “Act of God” when something goes wrong and it’s not preventable. That card wasn’t horribly old but I’m sure I’ve used it tons between 2012 and 2013. I DO replace my cards but maybe not often enough? Let’s talk about what happened AND MORE IMPORTANTLY– lessons learned from this.

1. Technology is not perfect. I didn’t physically do anything for this to happen, it just HAPPENS sometimes.
2. Replace cards every few years. I would number or date them to keep track of how long you’ve had them so you know when to turn them around and replace! You can use old ones solely for family use, too so you’re not just throwing them out!
3. Try backing up images on site before leaving if possible. I remember seeing the images on my playback on my camera BEFORE I left the venue. Everything was fine then!
4. NEVER go without insurance just in case this happens again! Which I definitely pray it doesn’t!
5. There is sometimes a solution for this..AND I GOT MY IMAGES BACK!!!!!!!!

Thank you! You SAVED my images!!! I don’t know why they are TIFF files now but you know what, they got them all back for me and they’re not lost..thank goodness! There are lots of sites out there for card recovery but definitely worked for us. SO grateful!!!! 🙂


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  1. Lauren Wood says:

    Very Good to know!!!

  2. Diana says:

    Wish i wouldve known this back in January! I had a new card, less than a month old, that corrupted. Thanks for this post! 🙂

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