Cate + Neal | Outer Banks Engagements

A couple of nights before the session, Cate texted me and said “Just took some time to sit down and read the wedding packet. And that back cover page got me all sentimental I started tearing up. Wouldn’t want anyone else to capture our story but you, I remembered all over again why you stuck out to me 3 years ago… Your passion for what you do, it radiates from you!”

And CUE-MY-TEARS! I know, I know, I cry ALL the time…but this is different. To have someone you have been connected to for years, watched grow in her OWN business and life and LOVE…gosh, serving THEM as your client now…I just have no words. Wait, I have a few!! LUCKY, lucky, lucky, grateful. I just adore Cate’s beautiful heart and spirit, her amazing work ethic and drive..and her relationship with sweet and handsome Neal could not be any more perfect for her.

My favorite moments of this session were of course, the laughs. They are wonderful..and adorable, but you guys..some of those little moments, the ALMOST moments like the almost kisses, and leaning into each other, the way you catch them checking each other out, hahaha, it just shows how deep of a beautiful friendship these two lovebirds have. THAT IS THE CORE of a great marriage. Some days, Mike and I..we just can hardly get through all the things going on and I love sitting down with him like a best, best friend at the end of the day and talking about everything like pals. Cate and Neal are just the same…but probably a LOT cuter because they flirted consistently and I LOVED it!! 🙂 I love being around other couples who truly are friends that just can’t get enough of each other!! That to me is the most beautiful love!

Thank you for braving the COLD, shooting after it got dark (bump bump bump that ISO!!) and for being patient and letting me take 934830 pics of you! 🙂 You’re AMAZING! I can’t wait til the wedding here in the Outer Banks yay!!!! 🙂

outer-banks-engagement-photo-3 outer-banks-engagement-photo-5 outer-banks-engagement-photo-6 outer-banks-engagement-photo-7 outer-banks-engagement-photo-4 2015-04-16_0003 outer-banks-engagement-photo-10 outer-banks-engagement-photo-11 outer-banks-engagement-photo-12 outer-banks-engagement-photo-13 outer-banks-engagement-photo-14 outer-banks-engagement-photo-15 outer-banks-engagement-photo-16 outer-banks-engagement-photo-17 2015-04-16_0004 2015-04-16_0005 outer-banks-engagement-photo-18 outer-banks-engagement-photo-19 outer-banks-engagement-photo-21 outer-banks-engagement-photo-22 outer-banks-engagement-photo-23 outer-banks-engagement-photo-24 outer-banks-engagement-photo-25 outer-banks-engagement-photo-27 outer-banks-engagement-photo-28 2015-04-16_0006outer-banks-engagement-photo-40 outer-banks-engagement-photo-29 outer-banks-engagement-photo-30 outer-banks-engagement-photo-31 outer-banks-engagement-photo-32 outer-banks-engagement-photo-33 outer-banks-engagement-photo-41outer-banks-engagement-photo-34 outer-banks-engagement-photo-35 outer-banks-engagement-photo-36 outer-banks-engagement-photo-37 outer-banks-engagement-photo-39 outer-banks-engagement-photo-42 outer-banks-engagement-photo-43 outer-banks-engagement-photo-45 outer-banks-engagement-photo-46 outer-banks-engagement-photo-48 outer-banks-engagement-photo-49 outer-banks-engagement-photo-50 outer-banks-engagement-photo-52 2015-04-16_0007 outer-banks-engagement-photo-51  outer-banks-engagement-photo-54 outer-banks-engagement-photo-55 outer-banks-engagement-photo-56 outer-banks-engagement-photo-57 outer-banks-engagement-photo-58 outer-banks-engagement-photo-59 outer-banks-engagement-photo-61 2015-04-16_0008 outer-banks-engagement-photo-64


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  1. ashley link says:

    YAY!!!!!!!! I love these!!!! YAY Cate and Neal!!!! Great job, Amanda!!!

  2. Lacoya H. says:

    SO beautiful!!! Love all 3 of y’all! (The periscope was SO cute!!!)

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