Catherine + Ryan | Yorktown Beach Engagements

Well this golden light is PROOF it’s not a terrible thing when you initially get rained out! Rain and rescheduling sessions, it can be stressful. As photographers we feel pretty darn bad about it and it drives us crazy to have to put you guys through it! But, it will happen! One of my couples experienced SEVEN reschedules because of rain! Trust me, I don’t like making that call. But for Catherine and Ryan, on our original date, it was pouring so badly my groceries all busted through the bags and there I was looking like a fool trying to save them. Well… the point is, these sweet hearts were meant to be photographed on THIS day! And although it was gorgeous, we had some challenges!

Firstly…it was warm, but like, almost 80! IN FEBRUARY! Haha! I am thankful for that most of the time but I dressed for the cold, so I was shocked to be sweating on this day. Secondly, it was so very crowded. I mean like, I have NEVER seen Yorktown Beach this way before! I know it’s very popular but gosh I mean it was hopping! You know what’s amazing about these “trials” we faced? You won’t know it from the images. Catherine and Ryan are something really, really special and they did an incredible job being sweet and flawless together. You guys…I can’t thank you enough! There are beautiful moments throughout this whole entire session and I will never forget this date with you!! 🙂

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