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Ahh the restricted ceremony. Some photographer’s worst nightmare for THE biggest moment of a wedding day. Personally, to me, it’s pure torture to hear “you have to stay in the back and not move the entire time.” OHH my heart! It’s not that I can’t do my job well with my 70-200 from the back, but it’s just NOT the same. Taking a picture of a bride and dad from the back as they enter is NOT the same to me. And when a church staff member suggests “reenacting it” I just can’t even pretend that’s a good idea. Empty seats because the guests are all escorted out and having something that’s a REAL life moment set up like that? It just doesn’t work in my opinion. Not for the sincerity I aim for in my work.

So GOLD happens sometimes, and this weekend’s wedding was no exception. It was actually very unexpected though because it was a Catholic ceremony and let me tell you as someone who grew up Catholic..it’s RARE to be able to get the rules bent a little! Seriously, they tend to be very strict. The coordinator for this church could not have been more pleasant toward me and I am very tempted to send her the following images to thank you and show her what she helped create with her relaxed personality and permission.

Photographers & Brides– consider asking to have the rules bent a little. It’s SO disconcerting when guests can have their cameras and cell phones flashing the entire time held up in the air, but the person hired for the job isn’t even allowed to fully do theirs! Let’s push just a little if it’s not too much of a disrespect issue to the religious beliefs. If it’s just because of previous bad experiences with other photographers..reassure them you will be quiet and efficient and do your job VERY well!

Here are some of my FAVORITE moments during ceremonies where I would not have been able to make happen without a little relaxation in the rules department!!

From this weekend, Amy’s dad immediately started bawling sending her down the aisle. It was INCREDIBLY moving and sweet..and look how happy she is! Can’t capture this from the back! :

3M9B2033 3M9B2034

From a recent Virginia Beach wedding, Missy couldn’t wait to get to the front and marry Eli 🙂


This was a particularly important moment during Heather + Steven’s wedding honoring her beautiful grandmother by giving Heather her wedding rings..Annie was an angel holding her veil up for me for pictures that day, too..I’ll never forget it:

heather-steven-wedding-435 heather-steven-wedding-439 heather-steven-wedding-532

Brittany wiping a tear during her British Virgin Island wedding ceremony — they met ON this island and married here! brittany-kris-wedding-299

This Virginia Beach Indian River Plantation and Signature at West Neck wedding was incredible..Steve’s uncle was the officiant making it particularly special to get these close in shots and thank goodness for his lenience! ADORE the one of Caitlin, too! 🙂

caitlin-steve-349 caitlin-steve-354

Jason is one of those guys that’s about 1000 times cooler than me, so seeing him a little sentimental at the sight of his bride REALLY made me melt!! 🙂 Yay Candace!!!


Annnnd sometimes I get these REALLY cute shots of adorable grandmothers… 🙂


This one has stayed close to my heart since it happened. Morgan’s incredibly kind and handsome daddy had a health scare earlier in the year that really shook up their family. They told me how when it happened, they didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be..but thankfully he recovered wonderfully and here he is..walking her down that aisle. And the moments and images to follow were just that much MORE important because of it.

teal-half-moone-fall-wedding-photo-90 teal-half-moone-fall-wedding-photo-93 teal-half-moone-fall-wedding-photo-96

And if you cry for me, grooms, you just may end up on the Today Show..you never know — hahaha!!! Josie and David’s now famous ceremony gold was made visible to millions of viewers to the show last Friday, still can’t get over it! 🙂

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