Chad + Amber | Part One | Surry Wedding Photographer

Thank goodness for my husband’s hometown and everyone from there getting married this year– I am having a blast with them! Amber is no exception, she’s a total delight and as sweet and charming as they come.

When Amber and Chad inquired and she told me she was from Southampton County, I was so excited! I knew from their emails they were going to be so wonderful in person. I loved watching them flirt as we shot in the FREEZING January cloudy weather that turned into– of course– rain afterwards but we stuck it out and shot as much as we could without it getting too intense! When it started raining on Amber’s bridal shoot day I said GIRL, I promise I will try to bring you good luck on your wedding day!

Well, I guess mama came through because it was a puffy white cloud kind of day..and after the first two rainy shoots, they deserved it! I am so happy to see these two together. They are each other’s missing puzzle pieces now finally hitched and ready to begin a beautiful married life together. PLEASE take note that after their first kiss, Chad takes her hand and kisses it. WOW, I got goosebumps seeing such a smitten gentleman treating his lady like gold. I am in love with love like this! 🙂 CONGRATS YOU TWO! This is only part one, stay tuned for the rest later!

AND let me say it for the 100th time…her gorgeous dress is her grandmother’s ORIGINAL dress altered into a modern style. Wait til you see the picture of her holding her grandma’s wedding photo below. AHHH <3






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  1. brianna baxley says:

    where did they get married at? so pretty

    1. on her grandparents land in Surry, VA- beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Love all the colors! What a wonderful clear day…great job again, Amanda!

  3. nicole says:

    this was a fun wedding to be in!!! i love them both very much!!!

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