Charlyn + Emily | Virginia Beach Engagements

Christmas Day, I got an email from a very sweet girl. I remember that the day was winding down, Cammy and Mike were off in their own little world and I said, what the heck..I’m gonna check my email. Less work I’ll have to do tomorrow!

I’m so glad I did at that very moment because an inquiry for a wedding/engagements was sitting in there just WAITING for me to answer back with bursts of excitement, enthusiasm and energy! Two girls in love wanted to inquiry with ME for their moments to be captured..I was soooooo flattered! I told Michael who was in the other room, “this is like getting another Christmas gift!!!!!” If you know me, I am big supporter of love is love.

After corresponding with them for a while my anticipation grew for their session– and I knew when I first saw them, with their smiles lighting up a 10 mile radius around us, that this was going to be a beautiful day. They brought the sunshine and warm weather with them, too 🙂 Thank you Charlyn and Emily (Char & Em!) for being an incredibly beautiful and sweet couple I had the honor of working with! Enjoy their images! 🙂

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  1. Nicole says:

    Two beautiful ladies who look SOOOO happy!!! (and I love the tattoos!) Great session Amanda!!! :c)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! These girls are awesome & so beautiful!! Congratulations!!! Ring shots, like butttahh!!

  3. Alex says:

    Amanda, you captured such beautiful moments. This couple looks so in love and amazing. I’m ready for Beau and Alex engagements: part 3 🙂

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