Chrissie + Mike | Iwo Jima Homecoming Norfolk Virginia

Chrissie was referred to me last minute and I knew I had to help not only her but my fellow photog out, having this homecoming photographed was a top priority to her and I am BEYOND lucky to have been able to do it! Even with just Chrissie & I standing there waiting for that boat to come in..we got to tell a story with images of waiting, texting Mike and finally seeing that vessel peek around the corner at us. Chrissie’s heart is ginormous, she is kind and so easy to talk to! I had a great time sitting with her and talking about life and love until I saw her light up like a Christmas tree, grab my hand and help me run towards her man she hadn’t seen in nine months!

WELCOME HOME MIKE! This Christmas you get the best present of all time, I am soooo happy for you two! 🙂 🙂 🙂

SB9A5108 SB9A5117 SB9A5121 SB9A5124 SB9A5128 SB9A5132 SB9A5143 SB9A5154 SB9A5189 SB9A5198 SB9A5228 SB9A5240 SB9A5244 SB9A5252 SB9A5256 SB9A5258 SB9A5262 SB9A5279 SB9A5290 SB9A5293 SB9A5298 SB9A5326 SB9A5328 SB9A5331 SB9A5337 SB9A5339 SB9A5344 SB9A5347 SB9A5354 SB9A5361 SB9A5365 SB9A5371 SB9A5375 SB9A5379 SB9A5380 SB9A5381 SB9A5394 SB9A5400 SB9A5402 SB9A5407 SB9A5408 SB9A5411

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  1. Jennifer B. says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  2. chrissie galindo says:

    we couldn’t have asked for more. thank you thank you! you are so talented!!!!

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