Christa + David | Virginia Beach Maternity

They are my hurricane Sandy couple. As in, they got married on the day it hit Hampton Roads big time and there were no outdoor portraits for their wedding day.

One week later and after returning from Disney World on their honeymoon, they got back in their attire and we had another chance at bride and groom portraits. I remember walking away that day from THE sunniest, yellow and orange leaved session ever thinking..YEP, they are that couple that can definitely dance in the rain and then celebrate even more joyfully in the sunshine because they’re just grateful PERIOD for each other. They are gracious, kind and they are an absolute asset to this Earth just by being here.

I love all of my couples, obviously..but I do feel so emotionally attached to these two because they are truly more than clients, they will always be friends. Watching Cammy for me while I was getting checkups pregnant with Ellie, bringing back a Minnie Mouse from Disney for Cammy..they are always so giving. I had no problem hauling my little girls up there for this shoot..and ironically, one of my beautiful 2015 brides who is a friend of theirs watched Cammy for me!

And this shoot? It was all done with Ellie strapped to me, hahaha! It’s SO nice when you have something smaller going on like a mini portrait session like this and they say– bring your girls! I definitely can’t do this all the time but wow it was fun!!!! 🙂 Thank you Kellie for being awesome and playing with my wild child and Christa + David for keeping a straight face while I shot awkwardly with poor Ellie just bumbling around attached to me hahah!!

I’m so happy for you two– thank you eternally for being a part of my life, I’m SO lucky! I can’t wait to see you as parents!!! 🙂

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  1. Christa says:

    What a gift to wake up to such sweet words from a dear friend and talented professional! We love you, Amanda! Thank you for always bringing that sun flare…even in the middle of a hurricane. 😉 We are blessed to know you!

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