Christabel + Andrew | Intimate Williamsburg Vow Renewal

On a chilly but incredibly sunny Sunday in Williamsburg, Virginia – I saw two people I have adored for years standing together, chalkboard in hand, waiting for me so we could get started on a sweet, long awaited moment. Christabel and Andrew are one of those couples that don’t even realize how much they move and act alike now because they’re a SUPER close couple, but I saw it right away in their mannerisms and it’s one of my absolute favorite things in this world. When people who are head over heels are so connected to one another, they don’t even realize how much they’ve become alike…but YOU see it, it makes it even more joyful to be around them. We walked around and they showed me some little gem locations and it was the most wonderful afternoon spent with them! Christabel and Andrew, I feel like we are family at this point – five years ago I was shooting your wedding, five years?! I can’t even believe it!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and thank you for always being some of the kindest humans I’ve ever met!!

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  1. Beautiful! Good work Amanda! It’s been so cool to see your style evolve ever so slightly over the past year or so!

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