Christabel + Andrew | Suffolk Fall Anniversary

This couple means a lot to me for many reasons…but the biggest is that they are the most kind and gentle hearted people I’ve had the pleasure of working with! I always say I have a thing for nurses because of their sweet and caring nature and how well I was taken care of in the hospital after having both girls, and Christabel is a nurse in more ways than that being her actual job. She takes care of people, she takes care of her husband, and these two always put others first. It’s SO inspirational!

Another big thing I feel honored to have been a part of besides their lives and wedding in general is that I was able to be the FIRST person to take a picture of their actual first kiss! When they met and started dating, they made the decision to wait until their wedding day to kiss and it’s a big big deal to do something like that — and I was just honored. You bet I waddled by big pregnant self through the aisle of the church where I wasn’t supposed to make SURE I captured that! I LOVED seeing that and feeling such joy for them that day! Enjoy their Suffolk anniversary session full of SUCH cuteness!!! :):)

suffolk-anniversary-photo-1suffolk-anniversary-photo-2 suffolk-anniversary-photo-3 suffolk-anniversary-photo-4 suffolk-anniversary-photo-5 suffolk-anniversary-photo-6 suffolk-anniversary-photo-7 suffolk-anniversary-photo-8 suffolk-anniversary-photo-9 suffolk-anniversary-photo-10 suffolk-anniversary-photo-11 suffolk-anniversary-photo-12 suffolk-anniversary-photo-13 suffolk-anniversary-photo-14 suffolk-anniversary-photo-15 suffolk-anniversary-photo-16 suffolk-anniversary-photo-17 suffolk-anniversary-photo-18 suffolk-anniversary-photo-19 suffolk-anniversary-photo-21 suffolk-anniversary-photo-22 suffolk-anniversary-photo-23 suffolk-anniversary-photo-24 suffolk-anniversary-photo-25 suffolk-anniversary-photo-262014-11-09_0001

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  1. ashley link says:

    love these so much, amanda! they’re so sweet! 🙂

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