Christina + Matt | Hermitage Museum + Gardens Charming Engagements


I pulled up and saw her car at the gate and I just had a wave of RELIEF come over me. Christina has something about her I’ve never seen in anyone else…she’s the most selfless and kind person I have met in SUCH a long time! I’m fortunate enough to call her a friend and we’ve watched each other grow over the years!! Seeing her brings me this “at home” feeling because I know her and know I can be completely myself around her, and just knowing this shoot was going to be all about her and her handsome fiancé Matt made me feel amazing!

Matt and Christina — your JOY in this shoot is *right on time* for my new branding launch! One word: CHEERFUL! That’s what I want to exude from my shoots! I want couples laughing at each other, themselves, being beyond adorable because all of them just ARE naturally but I wanna bring that out in the images. You two couldn’t have made this easier if you tried, and I have to say THANK YOU times a million just for being perfect YOU!

I can’t believe you’re getting married SO soon! Bring on May at the Woman’s Club of Portsmouth!!! I love you two!! 🙂

And yes, Spiccoli definitely stole the show in the beginning of this session! He’s an adorable min pin with a BIG smile because he loves his mama and daddy!! 🙂

hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-2 2015-03-27_0001 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-4 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-5 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-6 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-72015-03-27_0002 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-8 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-9 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-11 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-13 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-14 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-15 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-16 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-17  hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-19 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-20 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-21  2015-03-27_0003 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-24 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-25 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-26 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-27 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-28 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-29

2015-03-27_0004 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-31 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-32 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-34 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-36 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-37 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-38 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-39 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-40 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-41 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-442015-03-27_0005 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-45 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-46

2015-03-27_00092015-03-27_0006 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-48 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-51 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-52 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-532015-03-27_0007 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-56 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-57 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-63 2015-03-27_0008 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-60 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-64 hermitage-museum-gardens-engagement-photo-65

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  1. Amanda says:

    Ahh!!! What a beautiful couple!! I LOVE LOVE the one of him carrying/dipping her!! And the B&W one by the water where she is looking at the camera – BEAUTIFUL!! And those ring shots – amaze.

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