Christina + Nathan | Mercure Banbury Whately Hall England Wedding

When the idea of me actually getting on a plane and going across the ocean to a continent I’d never been to came up, I was terrified. I have never traveled further than Key West or New York and I felt safe not ever having to go too far away. But when it hit me that it was because I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding…I was BEYOND honored…and I started turning the fear into excitement…this was something big and new for me! I’d always wanted to visit England, and now she was giving me my chance!

One night last year at our fave spot, Olive Garden..Teresa, Christina and I sat discussing some of her wedding plans and of course photography came up. She mentioned how much she loved my work but I guess we never thought it’d be possible for me to pull double duty so it was never a concrete idea..until I threw it out there. I am SOOOOO GLAD I did because this experience was amazing to be a part of and I felt oh so accomplished being able to play both roles! It’s so easy to work with friends and Christina and Nathan let me boss the heck out of them and I needed that on their busy wedding day hahah! 🙂

Things are a lot different over there, but the concept remains the same. These two have been together YEARS and although Nathan has my best friend a world away from me…I am soooo happy for them both. Good people with good hearts tying the knot and enjoying life together on their mini-moon in Scotland right now. LOVE YOU TWO! Thanks for a beautiful red, white & blue day in your gorgeous country!!!!!!! 🙂

Gown: Bridal Elegance in Richmond, VA
Hair by Demi

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  1. Brooke says:

    Love this Amanda! Her dress is amazing and you look beautiful!!!!

  2. Martha says:


  3. I *may* have teared up at certain pics. Everyone looks amazing!

  4. Janna Fuentes says:

    Wow! You did a beautiful job capturing the spirit of the wedding, and the stunning bride. Your work is just amazing.

  5. jkriegphoto says:

    These are gorgeous!! You are freaking amazing traveling overseas pregnant, shooting this wedding and being a bridesmaid!!!

  6. Anna Wilhite says:

    Holy crap! That shot you got of her after falling off the mechanical bull is HYSTERICAL and I think one of my favorite EVER wedding shots. Amanda, you’re amazing!

  7. EliSabeth says:

    AMAZING. These photos well surpass the ones I received for my wedding from a different photog. Glad you girls had such a blast… you go girl! xoxo

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