Christina + Wes | Outer Banks Anniversary Session

A couple of months back, I ran my FIRST couple’s session giveaway! I have to admit, I’m not much into giveaways and I was completely new to it– and it’s VERY nerve-wracking giving away a session for several reasons! One being that you essentially could end up with ANYone…and the way I run my business is very personal, so basically all of the clients I have book me because we’re a fit. We have something in common, or they love something about me or my work that connects us together before the session or wedding even begins! Giving away this experience could have me end up with a difficult couple, one that complains a lot, maybe one of the people keeps telling me how much they hate pictures..the usual photographer nightmares…but what did *I* end up with for this session!? Christina and of the sweetest couples I could have ever hoped for. Oh my gosh, what did I do RIGHT to have them in my life, hahah!?! Christina is hands down one of the most gentle and sweet women I have met in a long time, and her presence during this session was more than she even knew I needed right now. I have been suffering (and yes, I’m using the word suffer because it DOES apply right now!) with horrible nausea with this first trimester and instead of me rushing home and shooting fast, I couldn’t get enough of them. I kept them over time! Wes is your ideal guy and he will wonder why I’m saying that because he’s so modest, but it’s because he was honest and said he doesn’t LOVE having his picture taken and he didn’t make me feel that while I was shooting. He didn’t act annoyed, impatient, he just cuddled right up to that woman he’s been married to and gave this session his best and I can’t thank them BOTH enough for being a light in my life right now! And — being a BEAUTIFUL couple doused in golden light for this session, THANK YOU TWO! I adore you! Chessy of Blushing Brides VA did Christina’s hair and makeup and if you haven’t heard of her before, she’s the sweetest soul, an incredible mother and a hard working and talented business owner I am SUPER grateful to know! THANK YOU GIRL!!! 🙂   christina-wes-17 christina-wes-22 christina-wes-26 christina-wes-35 christina-wes-37 christina-wes-44 christina-wes-48 christina-wes-54 christina-wes-61 christina-wes-63 christina-wes-72 christina-wes-74 christina-wes-81 christina-wes-98 christina-wes-104 christina-wes-107 christina-wes-109 christina-wes-118 christina-wes-122 christina-wes-125 christina-wes-136 christina-wes-141  christina-wes-148 christina-wes-153  christina-wes-157 christina-wes-163 christina-wes-165 christina-wes-168

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