Christine + Mike | Downtown Norfolk Engagements

Christine and I have one big portrait time thing in common, we get the giggles- BAD. I think it was exactly what made their session what it was, nothing short of PERFECT and so true to them! They were having the best time and it was contagious, I tried to concentrate and remain focused on shooting fast, changing my lenses and settings efficiently but I kept finding myself laughing at THEM laughing..because they’re just that kind of couple who’s happiness rubs off on you and makes you want to join in on the joy!

You’ll know by the last set of images but these two lovebirds met at Virginia Tech, and they will be tying the knot next April in downtown Norfolk at the Half Moone! I am sooo thrilled to be able to work with two people who make love look so easy, sweet and genuine. I can’t thank you two enough for letting me farrrrrrrrr overshoot as much as I normally do, I was using and abusing you and I’m glad you had no problem with it! Enjoy their images! 🙂

Huge thank you to my dear friend Tianna, who is also pregnant and a wonderful photographer for tagging along for some behind the scenes!! What a trooper!!!! :):)

When the sun is high and you find a perfect dock to use as a reflector 🙂

christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-1 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-2 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-3 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-4 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-5 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-6 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-7 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-8 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-9 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-10

I let them borrow my yacht for a few shots 🙂

christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-11 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-12 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-13 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-14 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-15 Christine’s hair really is that perfect! LOVE this set 🙂

christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-16 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-17 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-18 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-19 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-20 NICE job, Mike!!

christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-21 Tucker wanted in on a few 🙂 He’s SO adorable + I love his ears!!!

christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-22 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-23 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-24 The LIGHT in these next few!! Right before sunset on the water, this isn’t far from their wedding venue, I am SO excited about this!!

christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-25 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-26 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-27 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-28 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-29 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-30 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-31 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-32 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-33 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-34 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-35 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-36 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-37 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-38 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-39 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-40 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-41 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-42 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-43 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-44

And a couple to honor to school that brought them together <3 Hokie love!
christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-45 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-46 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-47 christine-mike-norfolk-blue-coral-engagements-48

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  1. All these colors were perfect!!!! They were so much fun!

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