Christine + Mike | Virginia Beach Married Session

A couple of years ago, I had the absolute honor of working with a couple who treated me so well and did the best job making my job SO easy for me. Mike and Christine have a beautiful dynamic and it’s really fun to watch them just be around one another, there is always giggling and usually a lot of flirting going on…and guess what?! Not much has changed because they were still so much like that in Virginia Beach on this colorful Fall day!

Photographers know the frustration of the rain reschedule. It was REAL for us, I mean, I think we had to reschedule because of my schedule once and then rain two other times? But when that happens…I know GOLD, as in gorgeous golden light is usually in store for our future shoot! I am so thankful we got pushed back additionally to experience this rich, warm foliage! Christine and Mike, THANK YOU for spending time with me! I will always be thankful for you and adore you!! 🙂

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