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Ahhhh friends…the recipe for a simple and happy life is ACTUALLY not crazy complicated and today I am sharing a few thoughts on why we decorate for Christmas early, why we bought a minivan and why we LOVE drumming to our very own unique, carefree and happy beat 🙂

First and foremost, here comes the happiest season of all! WE LOVE CHRISTMAS, seriously, we are those people who quite literally LIGHT up brighter than even those crazy LED lights when we see holiday decorations go up in stores! Our little girls squeal and we run that grocery cart SO fast toward the shiny twinkling things that bring us so-much-joy! Plus, we have our third daughter DUE on Christmas Eve so of course we’re all about Christmas feeling earlier this year! 🙂

Every year, Mike and I wait for it…our newsfeed being Debbie Downer’d by the “Christmas decorations/music/etc already?” posts…but we have turned the disappointment of seeing the negativity into good laughs and reading it in the voice of Debbie Downer from SNL 🙂 He’s the kind of amazing guy that goes, “let’s listen to Pandora Christmas station on the drive home and get Starbucks red cups!” — and we do 🙂 And we hold hands and talk about all of our Christmas memories together from dating, to engaged, to married, to welcoming little Cammy Mae, to being very pregnant with Ellie around Christmas. SO many good memories!

So you know what?! PUT UP THE LIGHTS IF YOU WANT, you’re not “skipping” Thanksgiving! Gosh, the drama associated with some people thinking you’re skipping Thanksgiving because you don’t have orange, red and yellow Fall things in your home and your heart is just SO happy to have the Christmas stuff up longer than a super short month it would otherwise be up for…it makes us SO crazy entertained that people think decorations prevent the celebration of a holiday! You don’t have a garden flag of a turkey up before Thanksgiving? That’s a snowman instead? How dare you skip Thanksgiving…hahaha! Come on guys, who CARES how people want to celebrate! Let it goooooooo as Elsa says!

Minivans……OH minivans. A couple months ago, we walked into a dealership not knowing what we would end up leaving with and we got, GASP…a minivan! A big piece of metal that makes you uncool, because being cool is SO so so soooooo important in your late 20’s and 30’s and in life! It’s what matters right!? Get real you guys! The same people who show up to drop their kids off at school driving big SUV’s but wearing Walmart sweatpants, roots that haven’t been done in 4 months and their husbands t-shirt should NOT care what kind of a car they’re driving and judging another for driving a different piece of metal than them…why are we still judging people based on “looks” and material things at this time in life?! Can we all just be hot messes trying to transport our kids safely to and from together? Additionally, we looked at the prices of SUV’s that would accommodate our new family size and it just wasn’t happening! Before you feel the need to fit in and write a comment/be relatable via “oh yeah me too” about how you would never be caught dead in one, it’s just a car. It is JUST A CAR..and that’s the bottom line, sister. Our car is so amazing, roomy, SO family friendly, versatile, clean, open and all of the features from the “push of a button open sliding doors and trunk” to the climate control are SO wonderful for us! You could do me a big big favor and ride public transportation like the HRT in Hampton Roads for a day (like I did for four years) and let me know how grateful you are to be able to afford a vehicle after that. I think some people have been handed cars, had bills paid and been taken care of so long, they forget to be thankful for the things other people only dream of affording!

So drum drum drum away! Your family is gonna drum differently from the next…and that’s totally okay because what a mundane world it would be if we all “refused” the drive the uncool van and all Pleasantville matchy matched the same exact cars. If we ALL put up our decorations on the SAME day yearly. If we all thought the same, dressed the same, there would be no diversity and no flavor to life! If you give yourselves permission to do what truly makes you happy……THAT is going to be your ticket to freedom, to a SIMPLE life, to a life that says you have permission to do what you want to do and what lights you up 🙂

Quite simply, our lives changed when we stopped trying to fit in and that’s actually when we began to shine…it was completely and happily unexpected 🙂 Shine on pals!

Happy Thursday!
Live in the sunshine! 🙂
XOXOXO Amanda 


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  1. Blair Lamb says:

    YES to this, all of it! 🙂 When we stop living for other peoples’ ever-fickle expectations and instead look to the passions and joy that God has uniquely planted in each of us, we being to live in complete freedom! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Kendra says:

    Just when I think I couldn’t love you even more, you blog another amazing post! Almost spit out my tea laughing! I completely agree with all of this!!! It’s so freeing to just do your own thing and not worry about everyone else.

  3. Donna Springfield says:

    I have my Christmas tree up too! Plus I will
    Wrapping empty boxes to place under the tree until my purchases start arriving via UPS, Fed EX and Postal mail.

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