CLIC Conference Workshop| Raleigh NC | Styled Shoots

What an amazing collaboration and vision that came together for this! I ADORE you Kelly Martin for letting me shoot on this day and have some wonderful images to add to portfolio from the Styled Workshop at the CLIC Conference. I already posted a behind the scenes from the workshop here, but now I finally am sharing my images of all of the details from this wonderful day!

I can’t believe during a time where it was freezing every single day without a hint of Spring in the air that we got one warm and sunny day in Raleigh to shoot this gorgeousness! Kelly and I kept saying that day, oh my GOSH how did we luck out with this?! The light was warm and soft and the workshop attendees were loving it!

Thank you to the following vendors for making this happen and to the adorable models, too!!! And especially thank YOU Kelly Martin!!! 🙂

Models: Jenny Brickley & Martin Romo

Styling: Simply Put Vintage (Kaitlin Holland)

Rentals: Simply Put Vintage

Floral Design: Simply Put Vintage

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Mooney, Makeup by Ashley Mooney

Wedding Gown: Traditions By Anna 

Cake: Ashley Cakes 

Invitations/Calligraphy: Victoria Austin Designs

clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-9 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-10

2014-04-23_00012014-04-23_0002clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-38 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-41 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-55 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-67 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-78

2014-04-23_0003 2014-04-23_0004clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-83 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-94 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-97 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-102 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-109 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-115 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-118 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-122 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-130 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-138 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-1492014-04-23_0005clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-150 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-151 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-1662014-04-23_00062014-04-23_00072014-04-23_0008clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-190 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-192 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-195 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-202 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-211 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-215 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-226 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-235 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-237 clic-workshop-french-country-inspired-238


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  1. Seriously, love how your pictures came out!

  2. ashley link says:

    so dreamy! i love it, amanda! you da best!

  3. I am just now seeing these photos! SO beautiful!

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