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Happy freaking New Year, friends! Have you done it yet? Declutter your entire life and have the cleanest most perfect house to start out your 2022 living in?? Okay good, us neither 🙂

Also.. if you came here looking for that Pinterest perfect minimalist house… you are in the wrong place but I know there are plenty of other people out there for you to soak up so please go enjoy them! We are just a simple beach family living near the ocean on Hatteras Island here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We are TRULY not fancy or high-end people… we do like for things to “look nice” but as far as design goes… we aren’t terribly picky. We care a lot more about how our home feels than how it looks and although we know you CAN combine those two things for a nice Pinterest-perfect look, we just don’t have that. I think the process of “upgrading” things in our house is always going to be a very slow one.

If I had to describe our home, I would say it’s cozy and coastal. We LOVE our floors (we did not have them installed ourselves… we just bought the house this way in January 2021 a year ago!) – we love our light gray walls, we love what they did with the place when they flipped it.

So we aren’t horribly cluttered, we are REALLY good about our clutter-free maintenance (when you go through consistently and make sure things don’t get RE-cluttered after you’ve worked so hard to get it down) and to most people, we would appear to be living pretty simply. But if I’m being honest, a part of me thinks that there is always room for improvement SO here is what we’re going to focus on getting even more simplified over the next year and KEEPING that way!:

Hair accessories

When it comes to clothing… I think for a family of five we have a reasonable amount of clothes but we are looking for that “more space in the drawer” and “emptier closet” feeling. We are really good about consistently doing our laundry so it’s rare we are looking for something clean to wear and I think because of our laundry consistency… we could pull off owning even less clothes. I want every drawer to be easy to open and never feel stuffed. I think we can get even more simplified when it comes to clothes but it’s going to be a challenge! I’m up for it!!!! 🙂

Shoes… the girls just grow out of them so quickly and it seems we aren’t doing a great job of paying attention to when that happens so we allow the ones that don’t fit anymore to take up extra space. One not-so-minimalist BUT brilliant thing I did this year though that I want to share was buy Old Navy flip flops on sale when summer ended and made sure there was a spare pair in the back of the car for each of us just in case we needed them… because sometimes us beach people do run out the door without shoes depending on where we’re going and then decide we need them later, LOL! I am willing to bet at this time of year they’re still $2-$5 a pair! Not to mention.. a little girl on the playground once broke one of her flip flops and needed to borrow a pair and we had some in the car. Are these just beach people problems??? 🙂 LOL!

Jewelry… honestly I have it down pretty minimal BUT… the girls. They have acquired quite a bit and we need to refine it and also put it somewhere where it will stop getting tangled. We will probably get REALLY simple with this and use clear Command strip hooks and put it in their closet out of sight from their room so it looks less cluttered.

Hair accessories… I mean, it’s the girls again. HAHA! They really acquire those quickly, too! I think we need to really go through and assess what they need AND that means me asking them “which of these headbands are uncomfortable” and other questions like that so they aren’t holding on to “just in case” or “maybe one day I’ll wear it” stuff that they honestly don’t need.

We have worked so hard to declutter so many other spaces that truly this is all we need to do right now. BUT… maybe you’re not in that place and you need some ideas! I have a free download you can grab with places and things and kid stuff you can start decluttering to create a more simple, breathable home! Click HERE to get it!

One last thing… if you are not even feeling inspired at all right now to declutter, that’s okay. BUT.. if you are looking to be, I have an idea for you! If you are looking to gain momentum through simple life inspiration… I literally am telling you there is nothing better to do than to watch Tiny House Nation. It’s not just the incredible job that they do on the houses… that alone is massively impressive, it’s the reasons why the people are choosing to go tiny. Some people get to retire early and stay home with kids, they don’t have a mortgage anymore and they can change their entire lives and it’s just very beautiful to watch. We actually wouldn’t have moved to our new house (one year ago!) on Hatteras Island had it not been for that show! We KNEW if some of these families can hang in 400 square feet, we could do 800 easily! And.. we can! I can NOT go back to a bigger house now!!

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