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Everyone knows I love her, everyone knows I basically wanna marry her. She’s my dream girl, what can I say!? She’s smart, sweet, beautiful inside and out and endlessly gives and gives to others. She shares knowledge she doesn’t have to, she works so hard, she spoils her clients and her coaching students AND complete strangers by blogging tips and tricks to help us in the photography industry.

Some of you know Katelyn was MY wedding photographer! 2010, three years ago, I had her with us on our amazing day and looking back I knew she was incredible but did I ever see us both growing exponentially in our businesses THIS fast!? Heck no! I know I have come so far and improved on so many levels, and so much of that inspiration has come from her fierce work ethic and answering my emails and questions and sharing her tricks of the trade.

I remember when I got my act together and established this new incredible workflow at the beginning of the year– people said girl there is no way you can turn around a wedding that fast! Sessions turned around in days? Weddings turned around while they are still on their honeymoon?

YES YOU CAN! And yes, I DO! This girl has pushed me to be a better business woman and photographer than I could ever imagine. Thanks to Katelyn, I have an amazing workflow that allows more time for family, my work has improved and evolved beautifully, I have better client service now AND… branding is being reconstructed as we speak! The colors I wore to coaching sort of inspired this kick in the rear, here’s a sneak peek on my new inspiration board for the NEW higher end look for AHP!:


Katie of KD Creative is helping me with this! I am so excited to work with her 🙂 Logo is coming next!!!!!!!! 🙂 We’re creating a prettier and more high end logo and throwing in touches of gold and teal, have to stay true to my bright colored self!

But back to Katelyn, thank you SO much girl for everything. You’ve been a true inspiration to me and so many other photographers (all over the world!) and it was so meant to be having you there on my wedding day– we love you! 🙂

Behind the scenes from me!:



And now?!?! Mine from Katelyn! AHH! I felt so pretty when I saw these! :):) BIG thank you to Chessy of Blushing Brides VA for blonding my hair before this– SO fresh baby! 🙂


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  1. erin says:

    GAH!!! I am OBSESSING over your arm party!!!!! Love all your jewelry!!!

  2. I found your page from Katelyn James’ blog about y’alls coaching session! I lovelovelove your blog & photos & the colors your using in your re-vamp! You’re wonderful! Keep up the good work!

  3. Keely Julson says:

    I love your new branding colors! Can’t wait to see! You’re amazing!

  4. I love your photos and am happy I stumbled over your blog! I love your look in the photos – the jewelry, the camera strap, the outfit!

    I’d love to get the camera strap, would you tell me where you got it? Love it!!


    1. hi kate! thank you kindly! it’s from it’s called a ciesta strap! 🙂 XOXOXO

  5. kategraphy says:

    So nice of you! Thanks, now I’ll need to find that one in Germany (or I’ll have to wait until I’m in LA next). Found a South Korean shop where I can order them. We’ll see. Thanks a lot!


  6. You’re adorable! haha

  7. Elisabeth says:

    I just spoke with a girl yesterday actually who married last August, and she is STILL awaiting her finished product! Can you believe that? :/

    1. Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous — I hope she didn’t invest a lot in them :/

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