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Third c-section, three weeks later and I’m shooting…why? Honestly, I knew this would be lightweight physically and I could get out of the house for fresh air and I needed that! I walked slow, didn’t help poor Samantha or Taylor carry a darn thing but we had fun because they are WONDERFUL girls! I love how well they work together and communicate so efficiently around one another, that’s SO important for an event planning team! They’re also sweet and passionate about their work and that’s close to my heart! I want other wedding professionals who LOVE their clients and serve them well and Samantha and Taylor have those kind of hearts! 🙂

So, we hung out in the woods and on the beach by the Hilton and got some gorgeous detail shots from what the put together and I wanted to show off some of that today!

Please give them some love and follow them on social media! They’re even cuter in person so I hope you Outer Banks brides get a chance to meet with them some day! 🙂


I LOVE the gorgeous florals from Flower Girls OBX! They are a wonderful one to check out, too– always so sweet! 🙂

kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-14 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-21 2016-03-08_0010 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-24 2016-03-08_0011 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-39 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-44 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-49 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-51 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-66 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-90 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-96 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-101 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-120 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-184 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-188 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-190

2016-03-08_0012 2016-03-08_0013 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-197 2016-03-08_0014 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-211 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-216 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-228 2016-03-08_0015 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-243 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-241


I just adore you two! CONGRATS on this new life chapter and venture together!
kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-137 kitty-hawk-winter-styled-shoot-139


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