Courtni + Matt | Suffolk Maternity Session

Last year at Bull Run Winery, I had the pleasure of being surrounded by this incredibly joyful group of people all ranting and raving about the couple of the day. They were their cheerleaders, closest friends and supporters and when you see them, you will totally get why. They are THAT couple that totally flirts and will hold a kiss, even longer, and longer..than I ask them to for a pose and GOSH I love that! The best thing I EVER remember hearing about the story of when they met was that Matt told his friends the night he saw her that he would marry her someday…and he was SO right! 🙂

Now I am SO excited for them and their new journey — they’ll be parents SO soon! They’re due on my birthday (my second couple this year due on my birthday! hooray!) and that’s coming up VERY shortly! I can’t wait to see that baby boy in your arms and watch how naturally you fall into your new roles as mama and daddy. SO HAPPY for you three!! XOXOXO

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